Fit It In Anywhere Anytime Workout

We all made it to Friday, beLEANers!

Any fun weekend plans? I got my ATT!!! What is my ATT you ask?! Approval to Test!!!! NCLEX (Nursing State Board Exam) here I come ASAP!!!!!! I will let you know as soon as I take it, finish it, and pass! YAHOO!

Most of the workouts I share with all of you are very short, sweet killer and to the point, meaning they can be wiggled in to just about any schedule. For those of you who are still having a tough time fitting it in, here is my Fit it in ANYWHERE, ANYTIME workout for you (part of the GNC Summer Workout Series).

Here are the other workouts I’ve done for phase two of the GNC Summer Workout Series just in case you’re looking for some other challenges and might have missed them!

Now back to the new Fit It In Workout. It’s 4 minutes long – yes, you heard right – ONLY FOUR MINUTES, which means no excuses! Moving some is better than moving none! Winking smile


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Fit It In Anywhere Anytime Workout–GNC Summer Workout Series

Fit It In Anywhere Anytime Workout

12 x 5/15 [Length = 4 Min]

(Optional time increases: 24 x 5/15 = 8 Min, 48 x 5/15 = 16 Min)


5 sec Lying on Belly

15 sec Mountain Climbers


5 sec Plank

15 sec High Knees


5 sec Side Plank

15 sec Ninja Tuck Jump

Killer, quick, no equipment needed workout. PERFECT for in the kitchen while brewing coffee, or during your lunch break, or after work, or before you brush your teeth, or after the kids go to bed … or pretty much any time in general! Smile with tongue out I can’t wait to hear when during your day you fit this in!! Friendly contest anyone? Best “Fit it in” of the day!? Winking smile

You can DO this!

^From my Pinterest (@vblean)!

[FitFluential, LLC compensated me for this Campaign. All opinions are my own.]

[Please consult a Physician before attempting any workouts or eating plans on this site.]


Coffee Talk!

  • When did YOU fit this in during your day?
  • Did you choose the beginner, intermediate, or advanced version?
  • How much time did you go for?


  1. Comment by Mariella Lombardi:

    Great work-out Electra, I guess everybody is in need of some quick and powerful exercises.
    And it is great that no equipment is needed, what more could people ask for:)

  2. Comment by Cat @ Breakfast to Bed:

    GREAT workout! Love it.

  3. Comment by Meg:

    WOW girl! Intense ;)

    So happy to hear about your ATT :D

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