Reebok Sky DMX

Walking on clouds? Check!

Fun Colors? Check!

Great Style? Check!

Perfect Fit? Check!

Feel Wonderful? Check!

Uber Comfy? Check!

AMAZING Performance? Check!
Stability? Check!

You name it – these shoes are IT!

(Funny because the morning I got these in the mail, I was wearing this shirt and bra to go to the gym in. Can you say fate? Colors. Match. – FYI this bra is Reebok too. LOVE. IT!)


The new Reebok Sky DMX have to be my favorite Reebok (or for that matter – any brand) of workout shoes yet! You all know how much I LOVE Reebok…

and wear my Hulk Nanos all. day. every. leg. day.

(Christina & I at Reebok Crossfit One Fifth Ave in NYC!)

Now I have just one more reason to love Reebok and their shoes. It’s a Reebok Sky DMX Love affair – don’t tell my big man! Winking smile

These shoes feel “ridiculous” as they’re described – so insanely comfortable, but they work. I have found most really comfy workout shoes are just that. Comfy. Perfomance though is usually nil. Not with these. Reebok has found the perfect mix of comfortable and high performance. The air cushions your feet, and one of my absolute favorite things about these shoes is that the air moves forward and back, but does NOT move laterally (side to side). This keeps the shoes supportive and increases shoe stability, while still allowing for the “shock” system and support. They’re also breathable – featuring mesh on the top so your feet don’t get too stinky! Smile with tongue out

The only thing I won’t use these for is leg day. I prefer a flat shoe with hardly any cushion to enable me to feel myself pushing through my heels (or not). Other than that, these are my new go-to shoes – plyos, weight lifting, sprints, cardio days – all of the above and much much more. I don’t run much anymore but I did a couple sprints and these things will cushion your joints, so runners, you’d love these too. That’s another thing I’m in awe with – they created shoes that not only meet weight lifters requirements, but sprinters, and runners, and group class-goers and the list goes on and on.

Can you tell I’m a MAJOR fan of these shoes? Reebok gets a thumbs up from me! You’ll be seeing these in my pictures very. often. Maybe I’ll have to buy another pair in different colors so you don’t get sick of seeing these! They have pink and black and blue and they’re all fun like these.

I think these are the next ones I want:

Killer color palate hm?

The Reebok Sky DMX shoes are officially on my must have, must buy more soon list. You too? Open-mouthed smile


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  • What are your favorite shoes?
    What colors of the Reebok Sky DMX are your favorite?
  • What is one thing that is a MUST have for you in regards to workout shoes?


  1. Comment by Ed:

    DMX like the rapper? hahaha JK cool kicks

  2. Comment by Erin @ Girl Gone Veggie:

    Those shoes look seriously cool!! I’m excited to learn more about Reebok and see what their shoes and brand are all about!

  3. Comment by Danielle @ It's A Harleyyy Life:

    I love those shoes! they are so cute! The colors are perfect!

  4. Comment by Kierston:

    Those are so neat!

  5. Comment by E:

    These look great! And so comfy!
    Thanks for the fun photos and honest review of the kicks =)
    Happy weekend!

  6. Comment by Jenn @ Run It My Way:

    You are adorable :).matching shirt and shoes is something I would get excited about too!! Especially pretty colour ones. And I loved watching the video of you & Christina, you guys are the cutest!

  7. Comment by Traci:

    I LOVE Reebok! These shoes are super cute!

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