I #LiveWithFire

If this isn’t living with fire, I don’t know what is!

Reebok has done it again. I’ve told you how I am a weeeee (ok – opposite of weeee Winking smile) bit in love with my Reebok clothes & shoes.

My gosh – I think the majority of my workout wardrobe is Reebok.

Especially my shoes. Hoard Reebok shoes much? I do! Smile with tongue out

(I have a firm disclosure policy. I received no payment, but Reebok sent me the above clothes & shoes at no cost. Every single opinion in this post is all my own.)

The shoes pictured above are Reebok’s Zig Carbon shoes. I die.

  • First of all – black and pink? Yes. Please.
  • I love carbon fiber on cars. How do I know this? My man is a car, tool, true man’s man and I’ve known about carbon fiber on cars due to its light weight and speed assistance for ages. Did I know it could be put on shoes? Nope. But if it can be done, Reebok will do it! It makes the shoes perfect for speed, flexibility, and they weight almost nothing, but as Reebok says – stand up to anything. The carbon fiber plate in the shoe gives midfoot support which is very important during high impact movements. Similar to many of the other Reebok shoes I have, they’re very flexible and have great shock absorption. The tops are mesh and breathe really well – no stink feet here! Winking smile

The pants are the MOST ASKED ABOUT pants I’ve ever worn. They’re the Reebok PWR Leggings.

  • One of the things I look for in workout clothes is how fun or bright or motivating they are. Let’s face it – if you have more fun or brighter clothes or shoes on, you’re going to smash that workout just a little bit harder, and that little bit just might be the difference maker. Make your clothes and shoes work for you. More motivation never hurt anyone!
  • These leggings are part of the Reebok ONE collection. They say things like “MAKE EVERY REP COUNT,” “BETTER YOUR BEST,” “1 MORE,” “STRENGTH.” C’mon now. Can’t get better than that!
  • As a nurse, I am LOVING that they have an antimicrobial component. HECK YEAH!
  • We all know some spandex pants are made funky. These cause no riding up, no muffin top creation, and no cutting off circulation. Thank the spandex Gods. They’re comfortable and they flatter your body.

The blue top is a the Reebok Yoga Long Bra Top.

  • Going to be totally honest here – didn’t like it the first time I put it on. But, then I took out the boob padding, got my sweat on, and realized how awesome the shirt really is.
  • It has the PlayDry technology so it keeps the top from getting soaked through even if you sweat like a beast like me! It’s a racerback – my personal fav! And super super soft.
  • There’s a bra inside the top which I’m not a huge fan of normally, but it’s not too loose, not too tight. I always wear a regular sports bra, even if there’s an “internal bra” in a shirt. Sometimes that makes it too uncomfortably tight. This one didn’t. Not too loose, not too tight. If you did use it without a regular sports bra, I’m not sure if it’d be supportive enough for the girls with jumping or sprinting, if you know what I mean!

For quite some time, Reebok has been a go-to for me in regards to my Fit Gear.

I’ve done photoshoots … professional video … all in reebok clothes.

I do workouts on the regular in Reebok clothes…

Handstands in Reebok clothes…

You name, I do it in Reebok clothes and shoes. And I love it.

Reebok clothes and shoes are functional and fun – my MO!

Case and point here … Winking smile



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  • What is your favorite brand of workout clothes?
    What do you look for in workout clothes – functionality, appearance, etc?


  1. Comment by GiGi Eats Celebrities:

    I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try those ZIGGIES!!! And now I want to even more……. Considering they look like they have given you crazy ROCKET FUEL!!! :D

  2. Comment by Coco:

    Oh, we got the long bra top at Fitbloggin and I love it! I wore it without a bra underneath to the trampoline class and it held up well. I love the luxe feel of the fabric.

  3. Comment by Holly Baker:

    Oh I love my Reebok gear – actually got two long sleeve tops in the mail today! I only use their shoes for Crossfit atm, just got a pair of Oly lifting shoes and they are the bomb! Keen to get some of their compression tights too!

    • Comment by electrafi:

      The Oly shoes are probably the only type of reebok shoes I don’t own. Been contemplating getting them for a LONG time! What’s your fav thing about them!?!? LOOOVE me some Reebok!!!

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