Update, PiYo, & Apera Bag Winner

There are so many posts in the works! I cannot wait to get home from work and start publishing them so ya’ll can read ‘em! In the meantime, here is a look at some of what I’ve been doing lately. Each week I have been doing a combination of 1-2 days of weight lifting, 1 run, and 3-4 days of PiYo. What is PiYo you ask!? One of the most amazing workouts I have done in my ENTIRE LIFE. I am not a yoga girl. I’ve tried. I’ve tried SO hard. It’s just SOOOOOO SLOOOOWW. I can’t get into it. But I know I need the benefits. Enter Chalene Johnson and PiYo. HOLY AWESOME. I am so loving this. I’m also doing challenge groups and all my challengers are ROCKING IT. Who else wants in!?!?!?! I know you do. Email me at electraliontis@gmail.com for more info or comment here with your email and I’ll send you all the deets! We took a trip out west which was AMAZING, and my eats have been SO much healthier the last few weeks. I feel so. much. better. than when I wasn’t paying as much attention to what I was eating. Food is truly fuel and can heal your body. It amazes me. Balance also heals and I feel so lucky to have realized this. More to come on all of this. Do ya’ll want to see more of exactly what I’m doing in the gym/at home to work out and what exactly I’m eating? Let me know…!

Instagram picture update of my life:

^Out west. Devil’s tower.

Running with my pup near a lake and mountain background? Sign. Me. Up. :)


^I am so thankful for the brave that fight for our freedom. Thank you to the past, present & future soldiers. God Bless America. I am honored to be an American. I hope your Independence Day was amazing.

^Workout with my brother + Shakeology – my new ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE SHAKE EVER. HANDS. DOWN. I’ll be writing about that soon too!! ;)

^Me & PiYo at home. Hardcore results. It’s not kidding. I’m in workout love. Endorphin release PLUS feeling stretched and peaceful when I’m done. Heck. Yes.

^Me during my leg workout yesterday. I didn’t realize how much of an introvert I was until about a year or so ago. I need alone time to reacharge and be the best person I can be. My favorite alone time (my workout time) was coupled with a COMPLETELY EMPTY GYM yesterday. How can a girl get so lucky? I’m counting every single blessing I have.

^Truth. I am so grateful.

So much goodness in my life and I am so thankful. Having the ability to work hard, sweat, eat healthy, treat my body right, and remembering what a difference a positive mindset makes … truly makes all the difference in the world. Don’t forget to count your blessings. I am working on remembering to count each little blessing as it comes to me, every. single. day.


As for the Apera Sports Bag Winner …. drumroll …

Allison is the winner – this is what she said: “That bag looks amazing!!! I have heard other friends talk about Apera bags before and have only heard amazing things!
As far as what I’d like to see more of on your site, just more of YOU! I’d love to hear more about how you balance life, being an ER nurse and managing a healthy lifestyle. Recipes are always a plus!”

She is right. The bag IS amazing. I hope you enjoy your prize pack, Allison! Email me at electraliontis@gmail.com with your full name and address so I can have Apera send you your winnings asap!


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Tell me…

  • What have YOU been up to?
  • Do you workout at home, outside, the gym?


  1. Comment by Erin @ Girl Gone Veggie:

    I love that last quote! So true!

  2. Comment by GiGi Eats:

    OMG BEING ALONE IN THE GYM is like eating 50 pounds of cake batter ice cream and not gaining weight or getting a stomach ache! LOL!!!!

  3. Comment by lindsay:

    oh yes to that last quote!! for sure! Love catching up with you friend

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