About Me

Hello, I’m Electra!

Me + Blog:

This blog encompasses the things I’m most passionate about (not necessarily in any order!):

  • Being Passionately Balanced
  • Healthy & Happy
  • Helping others through online coaching
  • Promoting Self Love
  • Embracing Balance
  • Fighting Back Against Deprivation
  • Sweaty Workouts
  • Healthy Food & Recipes
  • Shakeology
  • My Life as an ER Nurse
  • Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Me + Family:

I was born into a crazy family with a mom who cooked a homemade dinner every night made of fresh foods. She always made sure we had our veggies and protein. Way to go Mom!

I was born in the mountains in Colorado and grew up in the North Suburbs of Chicago.

My little brother (who now isn’t so little and is in the Navy!) is absolutely one of my best friends in the world.

Now I live with my wonderful other half and we’re expecting our first munchkin! We’re a laid back, dinner-and-the-movies kind of couple.

My brother & my other half are my two best friends in the world.

^Me & My Little Brother

My other half appreciates his privacy, so you won’t hear or see much in the way of him, and I respect that. Not all of us are social media addicts enthusiasts right? ;-)

Me + Career:

I am an Emergency Room Nurse and have worked in the ER for the past 7 years and I love it.

I work in two ER’s – one is a Trauma I and the other is a Trauma II hospital.

I have also worked in the past as a pre & post surgical nurse part time.


My Fitness Journey:

I played volleyball, gymnastics & soccer in high school. I was captain of all of my varsity sports teams and I took that job very seriously. I loved anything hardcore, sweaty, and athletic. I won most athletic as a senior before graduation.




^Now (I’m on the right of each pic.)

I have had ups and downs through my journey and picked up some serious ‘skeletons in my closet’ along my fitness and nutrition journey that I thought I’d never share. I changed my mind. I wrote about all of it to help others and I have explained why my MO is now to inspire other women (and men too!) to be the best athlete they can be while loving themselves throughout the ENTIRE journey, and embracing balance in their lives. Read the posts below to continue following my journey!

Philosophy on Training & Nutrition:

Here are some posts through my journey that share my philosophies:


My Online Coaching = My Passion!

I am an online health & nutrition coach. I can’t find a good title for it. I am a motivator, positive thinker, happiness maker, financial freedom spreader, accountability coach.

I do online challenge groups that teach others how to be passionately balanced.

What do you get from one of my online challenge groups?

  • Daily Workouts
  • Grocery Lists & Recipes
  • Meal Plan
  • Online Support and Motivation
  • Shakeology
  • Personal Development

“Everyone has a starting place. And everyone makes a goal to be better. We’re all a work in progress, right? Nobody is perfect. We’re real people with real jobs and real lives. Ask for more of yourself. Don’t ask for less.”

Would LOVE to have you be a part of one of my groups! I cannot wait to have you as a part of it. 


SO happy to have you here! Hope you stay for a while! Feel free to contact me at any time (email: electraliontis@gmail.com), I am truly a transparent, open book willing to share all that I hope to inspire others with.


As Seen In…

Under Armour What’s Beautiful:



One Comment

  1. Comment by Lisa Nordquist:

    Hey Lady,
    I love your show! I was poking around youtube and I stumbled across one of you videos and fell in love–nothing weird–just w/ your gig. (Your name suits you!)
    I am a trainer, and 1/2 the videos posted by trainers don’t mention form, cautions to take, or offer modifications. (Shocking!) I loved that you were so thorough on all the above. (I watched the playgorund one.) I am undergoing a website makeover/social media upgrade for an upcoming book release, but when I get everything set, I want to send my peops your way! (I am not doing the physical training anymore, but all the mind training/coaching/writing stuff. So I am on the look out for energetic, knowledgeable training role models/video makers–like you!)
    I don’t know much about all the social networking crap but can I post your videos on my site? Or links or how does that go–I’m old, so I’m new! (You’d laugh at me if I told you, I’m like “what are all those things at the bottom of her website?”)
    LMK what the deal is if/when you get a minute. (speaking of, how do you have time to create all this content–I’m in awe!)
    Keep up the good stuff!
    Lisa Nordquist

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