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The Number 100 & the Time We Have

Posted November 21, 2013 By electrafi

100 Squats.

100 Kettlebell Swings.

100 Repetitions of an exercise of your choice.

What is it? you ask.

A warm-up? Can’t be a workout, can it?

100 years of age.

I don’t get it? you say.


I’ve mentioned, as of late, my career (nursing) has been taking a lot of my time. Luckily, by choice. By a conscious, calculated set of choices I made.

I’ve had to make some adjustments and decisions recently with where I have been choosing to spend my time.

I love my website. I love fitness. I love real food, a bit too much? Smile with tongue out I love nursing. I love ER nursing, trauma nursing. I love helping others. I love my family. I love supporting up-and-coming businesses. I love connecting with all of you.

^Not in any particular order.

All of these things take time.

  • Behind the scenes on the website takes houuursssss.
  • Fitness takes time out of the day.
  • Food and cooking can take as little or as much time as you’d like.
  • Nursing has long shifts and odd hours – which naturally, as a glutton of punishmen, I love.
  • ER and trauma nursing is my passion, and a completely separate beast of its own.
  • Helping others. My MO. Can’t help others without spending time with them. Giving someone your time is one of the most VALUABLE gifts you can give. You never get that time back, they don’t either.
  • My family deserves my time and my undivided attention. Memories made with people you love are some of the best of the time spent in this life.
  • Up-and-coming entrepreneurs are some of my favorite people and businesses to support with my time. The passion they have for what they do makes time supporting them worth every minute.
  • Connecting with all of you is a blessing – one thing that takes time that I am very thankful for.

Time is a beautiful thing, that once it has been spent, you cannot get back. This is both a blessing and a curse. If you choose to spend your time wisely with only the best intentions in mind, it is a blessing. If you spend it without choice, “waste” it, it can be a curse. When older patients I have tell me “It’s hell getting old,” and “one day you’ll know too – I’m old now. Nothing works the way it used to.” I always respond with, “Unfortunately, the sands of time stop for no-one,” as I smile at them with empathy, but the inability to full understand. They always smile. They smile because they know better than I do how that feels. They smile because I understand enough that I will too, one day be old. I will too, one day need a helping hand. And I will too, hope that I have a nurse that takes that extra minute and gives me that extra smile if I have a need, as they do now. The more I think about it, the more I think I should take away “unfortunately” out of that statement I say often. It may not be unfortunate that the sands of time stop for no-one. Maybe it’s the best fortune we’ve been given. Maybe it’s given to make us realize how important the time we DO have is. Maybe it’s given to us to remind us to consciously decide what we’re filling our time with. Maybe it’s give to us to make us realize how important it is to see the positive, to help others, to smile, to be thankful. Maybe it’s really a very fortunate part of life.

A few months ago, I was spreading myself too thin. Going in too many directions. This caused stress, anxiety over “not getting done what I was supposed to,” on a to-do list made by me. I sat down with my rock, who helped me weigh out my options, different avenues I could take, and where I would be happiest, most successful (remember – success is whatever YOU define it to be). I have made many conscious choices that I will keep evaluating and tweak or completely change as necessary at that point.

A few choices I have made:

1. Nursing:

I have chosen to make an investment in an increased time commitment to my nursing career. I truly love nursing, I truly love ER and trauma nursing. I have a very large passion for what I do. I want to soak up every bit of knowledge I can about the field every day I work, I want to take it as far as I choose to take it. I want to continue to help save lives. I went into nursing after seeing my brother lacerate his spleen when we were younger. I took him to the ER. I saw them work on him, be compassionate to my best friend in the entire world on one of the worst days of his entire life. I saw them smile at him and joke with him, make him laugh. From this point forward I knew I wanted to be a nurse. I wanted and still want many things…

  • To be a nurse thrown into the most critical of situations.
  • To have the patients who were having the worst days of their lives.
  • To have the most difficult patients.
  • To have the most ornery patients.

To sum it up: Every day I continue to want to care for people on the worst days of their lives, help make them better, and put a smile on their face while I do that.

Many people want easy days at work. I want the hardest days. I want the most chaotic days. I want to have it all thrown at me. I want to make a difference in my patients’ lives. I want to make a difference in their family’s lives. I want to be the nurse that they remember made them smile while their arm was hanging off their body. I want to be the nurse that they remember holding their hand as their loved one passed. I want the good stories and the bad. I have many stories in my brain from the many ER nursing hours I have worked, and I cannot wait, each day, to gain more. Not to tell over the dinner table or to my nursing friends (although we all know an ER nurse has some wicked humor Winking smile), but because each story is a life touched. To me, this is something I have chosen to dedicate a lot of time to. I have chosen to push myself, put myself in situations and in the right situations to gain the knowledge and experience I have and want. This is important to me. That one smile, that one hand touch, that one look from the patient that knows I actually care, that I am there for them. That’s why I do this.

2. Company Relationships

I had an opportunity offered to me recently by a large company that wanted to have me as an ambassador. There’s no need to disclose names – I’m sure many of you can figure this out. It is a fantastic company with fantastic employees and fantastic product. I still have a great relationship with this company, believe in their mission, wish them nothing but the best, and may work with them at some point in the future if the opportunity and time is right for both parties. At this time, I have chosen not to sign on as an ambassador for many reasons. I want to stay authentic to me. I love supporting up-and-coming entrepreneurs, which I would have been unable to do. The passion the small business people have for what they do makes me feel that the time I spend on supporting these smaller brands sporadically is where my authenticity and my heart is at in regards to working with companies. I need to stay authentic to myself and to my readers and my values in order for this website to work. In order for me to be happy with what I’m doing. In order for me to stay true to my values and what I want to be and do and give in life. I hope that this does not disappoint anyone. From what I’ve learned, it’s so important to be honest, be real, be truthful, and authentic. When you do this, the response can only be positive, and you can only be happy with your choices. I wanted to share this with all of you because I am sure many of you have been wondering what was going on with that business relationship. Now you’re up to date. Open-mouthed smile I will continue to work with small brands, medium size brands, even some large brands, depending on the opportunity, the incentive for all of you, and each time will be on an individual basis. I love being able to review things for you, tell you things I’ve been loving lately. I’ve always done that and have chosen that that will not change.

3. My Site

I have chosen to continue my blog, my website, my social media channels, working with small brands. I love this site, I love sharing things with you. I love the release of writing things out. I love interacting with all of you on all of the social media channels, seeing how awesome you all are doing with your goals, answering your questions, asking you questions. You all inspire me daily, and I would never want to stop connecting in that way. I have chosen not to “promise” how many posts I’ll be writing. I have chosen not to “promise” how often I’ll be active online. Funniest thing has occurred. Even with my increased time and workload in relation to my nursing career, I have been posting more. Why? Because I took away the pressure I had on myself to “get posts done NOW.” That gave me writers block. Now that I’m back to writing because I want to share things with you and help you through life as I’m learning my own things, I’m back to posting more. No promises though Winking smile ! Back to being authentic hm? It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.

4. Fitness

I will continue to work out. It is very important and I feel better when I do it. I will not dedicate hours every day like I once did. I simply do not have the time to do that, get adequate sleep, work more than one nursing job, and write here. I will work out at home, as I have been doing for almost a year now, with the equipment I have here. I will work out when I can, hopefully 3-4x/week. I will move when I can. Luckily, ER nursing is a profession where I never sit. I am thankful for that, and was part of the draw for me. This brings me to the number 100 I was talking about earlier. The beginning of november brought extra workload nursing-wise into my life, by my own choice, and I am very thankful for the extra work I sought out. That does mean less time for workouts. Every day in november I have done 100 repetitions of an exercise. Mainly squats or kettlebell swings. I have worked out on my off days, but those are few and far between.

I have made the time daily to do 100 repetitions of an exercise of my choice.

Sometimes it was 50 in the morning.

Sometimes 50 in the evening.

Sometimes 100 inbetween my first job and my second job.

Sometimes 25 here, 30 there, until I reach 100.

Meeting a small goal, daily, has brought confidence to me. It seems small, may seem silly. But having that goal, and accomplishing it, even in the midst of my self-created chaos, has created a calm in that chaos. Sweating will always be a huge part of my life, sometimes more time will be available, sometimes less. I will always make time for sweating. Even if it’s only 5 minutes before work and 5 minutes after a 12 hour shift. I will make it work, and am learning to be flexible with this. Being rigid makes it hard. I used to be rigid with my fitness, and that cause much pain when changes were needed. Being flexible in regards to fitting it in has decreased my stress levels two-fold.

5. Food

I will continue to eat healthy food. I have tried many diets, many nutritional approaches. I have come back to just eating real food, paleo-ish many times. No artificial anything, no sugar free anything, almost nothing processed. It’s what my body likes. It’s what my mind likes. It’s what tastes best to me. I eat a lot of meat – I try to do organic. I eat a lot of eggs – I always do organic/cage free. I eat a good number of veggies, both fibrous and non (sweet potatoes rock!). I eat veggies often through things like spirulina and wheat grass powders when I’m feeling veggie-lazy. Yes, it’s a term that I made up, but you know you’ve felt veggie-lazy at some point too! Smile with tongue out I eat a LOT of healthy fat. Coconut oil, avocado, egg yolks, chia seeds/hemp seeds, nuts sparingly that I’m not intolerant too (slowly healing some intolerances), cacao. I eat some fruits – dates, bananas, raisins. I eat things like larabars, ostrim sticks and protein powder when I’m on the go. I eat chocolate. Often. With no guilt Open-mouthed smile! I eat some gluten free bread from time to time, and some cottage cheese from time to time. Are those “paleo”? No. I’m not paleo. I just eat real food, that is paleo-ish. It’s how I explain it so people can visualize what I eat. It’s not something I’m rigid about anymore. Again, just like fitness, I used to be VERY rigid with my eating. Too rigid. It led to eating disorders and disordered thoughts about eating and deprivation and food. I now am not rigid. I’m flexible. I do stay away from trigger foods – which I will post about more soon – because sometimes moderation doesn’t work. Stay tuned for that post – it’s a GREAT one. I now eat when I’m hungry, stop mostly when I’m full (unless the chocolate just tastes soooo good Smile with tongue out). I eat more intuitively. I no longer count calories or macros. I eat generally high protein, high fat, and moderate/lower carb (but not LOW carb). I eat at least 2200 calories a day if I had to make a rough estimate. At one point I was lucky if I would let myself eat 1200. That was at least 1000 calories under maintenance. Not healthy. Not ok. And since, I’ve promised myself deprivation will never happen again. This is a zone where deprivation isn’t allowed. We work against deprivation. We work on love instead. I will continue to listen to my body and eat what makes me feel good, and stay away from things that make me feel bad. I will continue NOT to follow a “diet” or “nutrition group” because being rigid isn’t the way I want to spend the limited time I’ve given in this life. I also will continue to make fun recipes – I’ve been getting even more creative in the kitchen – plus it’s much more balanced with a holistic approach. You’ll love these new recipes I’ve got coming!


^Lasagna (left is “regular,” right is “healthified”) & a recent tasty meal of eggs, avocado & bacon!

6. Family

I will continue to spend time with my family. Memories we make with those we love are precious, one of the most amazing things about this life and the time we’re given. I have made a conscious effort and will continue to work on turning off electronics around my family. I used to see myself and my family sitting together, all on our phones. I am working not to look at my phone while I’m with the people I love. I spend most of any free time I have with my boyfriend and my brother. They’re my rocks, and I can’t be thankful enough for the blessings they are in my life. Time with them is something I’ll always make time for and value.

^The brother. Love him to pieces & couldn’t ask for a better best friend. Open-mouthed smile

7. Helping Others

I will always do everything I can to help others. It’s my MO. Remember no-one gets time back. Spend your time giving others what you would like them to give you. Smile at them, give them a helping hand, a penny at the register. Let’s bring back the willingness to help others. It’s a beautiful thing.

8. You

I will do my best to make time for you. I love hearing from all of you. I love your comments, I read EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. and try my best to respond. I love our interactions. I love answering your questions. Please reach out to me. I’m never too busy to try my best to reach all of you. I can’t promise a time-line on a response, or that it’ll be a long response, but I can promise that I’ll read your email, your comment, and I will do my best to respond!


I work hard on living my life by intention.

Living through my choices.

Not letting life pass me idly by.

Working in an ER makes me think twice about how much time I have in this world.

We never know when it’s our time.

We have to choose to make our time what we want it to be and fill our time with what we want it to be filled with.

I’ve added 100 repetitions of an exercise to my days in november. It’ll probably continue even after november’s time passes.

None of us know if we’ll reach 100 years of age.

Or really, even if we’ll have tomorrow.

I do know though, that with the days I am blessed and the time I am given…

  • I am making conscious choices.
  • I am helping others.
  • I am smiling.
  • I am trying very hard to live life without judgement.
  • I am doing what I think is right at any given time. Not doing things because it’s easy, but doing things because it’s the right thing to do.
  • I am spending time I have with those I love.
  • I am living in a language all can understand…


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Tell me…

  • I cannot wait to hear what you’re doing with the time you’re blessed.

Please share?

  • Also – will you join me in 100 repetitions every day? Working on a hashtag now… ideas? Open-mouthed smile
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October Challenge Success & Winners

Posted November 19, 2013 By electrafi

I know I’ve been MIA … I promise I will be back blogging more regularly sooner. I cannot apologize – I have been working very hard at my career, making choices that are authentic to me and for you all (that I can’t wait to share with you), and I have so much to share with you – what I’ve been loving lately (especially some things I won through blog giveaways I can’t wait to share with you, a protein discount code), updates on my career, updates on some choices I’ve made lately, and lots of awesomeness I have planned for all of you. Just wait… :D!


The #Sweatfor5 October Challenge I hosted was a COMPLETE success. I am so incredibly proud of each and every one of you that participated. YOU all inspire ME! You truly took the whole message I was working to send to heart. You knew that I was going to push your limits each and every day, but only for 5 minutes. My goal was to get you to learn that you can fit in those 5 minutes in very creative ways. I had one mom who was fitting it in at her daughter’s extra curricular activities, parents including their children, couples taking 5 minutes to be active together, and individuals who thought they couldn’t try all these new moves completely rocking them and finding that they actually LIKED them! How insanely cool is that!? There’s not much more motivating than someone becoming more confident in themselves, stronger, happier. The random winners were chosen by challenge loop, announced on the challenge page and emailed. I know it sounds cliché, but we all won – we all got sweaty, pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones and had a blast. I’m proud of each and every single one of you!

Here are a couple things challenge participants shared with me that inspired me & made me happy; hopefully they’ll do the same for you! I wanted to share pictures too but if I did this post would be a mile long. Go check out everyone rocking all the exercises and workouts on IG with the hashtag #electrafiarmy & #sweatfor5! I promise it’ll be super motivating and may just make you get up and bust out a quick five minute sweat! Open-mouthed smile

Challenge Participants Thoughts About the Challenge!

  • “I’ve learned that no matter how busy life gets, there’s always time to get out of my comfort zone, challenge myself and learn new things. Even 5 minutes a day makes a difference. Thanks SO much for this challenge, Electra!” –Marcia Kadens
  • “These were totally new to me so thank you! Love learning new moves” –Marcia Kadens
  • “I have learned that you can accomplish a lot in a few minutes. Not just in regards to exercise but also giving yourself that time. We all have so many distractions in our lives and this month has taught me to stop and regroup- even if it’s for 5 minutes. Thank you for this ! I was going to head to box of munchkins outside my office but instead when to an empty room with no windows and did the challenge! Turned up my music and went at it. The perfect fix to get me to the end of this workday. I’m all energized – thanks Electra” –Claudine Muccini
  • “Challenges are so fun because of the variety. This challenge taught me that I can get a great workout in 5 minutes.” –Amy Caine
  • “I definitely feel stronger since staring this challenge. I am new to this and came across the app by chance so this is actually my first challenge ever! Before I started this, I was really struggling with not having enough time to exercise. I have an infant at home, work at least full time, and have a 45min to an hour commute each way. My husband is a teacher and varsity basketball coach so his schedule is crazy too. When I saw this challenge I couldn’t think of anything more perfect for my life right now. I am excited to say I am much better at planking and my legs are feeling stronger too. I look forward everyday to seeing what is next. Thanks ElectraFi for helping me make even just a little bit of time each day to get my heart going!” –Stephanie Ogorek
  • “I like the variety of the challenges and how they add to my daily run. I also enjoy reading about the accomplishments of the other people who are involved in this challenge . Plus, I have to admit that getting the email and finding out what’s in store for us today is exciting.” –Sherri L
  • “Had soo much fun walking on my tip toes! Something so simple can be amazingly affective!” –Laura McManus
  • “I spent today at the hospital. This time last year my husband was diagnosed with leukemia at 29 years old. He went through 3 rounds of chemo, radiation therapy, and a bone marrow transplant in April 2013. Today was his 6 month post transplant bone marrow biopsy, MRI, CT, echo, pulmonary function test, etc. He is likely going to be declared in remission:). While he overcame such a tremendous challenge through this year, today I reflected on how things like these 5 minute challenges ready us for the bigger challenges in life. Thank you Electra for encouraging and building strength/character in all of us!! Every little bit helps!!” –Laura McManus
  • “My husband and I love doing these challenges together…I try and beat him, but never win haha…Thats okay though it makes me work harder!” –Courtney Milewski
  • “Great job to every one rocking the challenge so far. You all seriously keep me accountable, THANK YOU. Happy Sunday :)” –Clare Kessler
  • “I wanted to skip my workout so badly today, but everyone here inspired me to push through it. Great job, everyone!” –Alysia Sena
  • “I wasn’t going to join challenges this month because I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself, but I can’t stay away from Electra’s workouts!” –Axel Kussmann


Here is a compilation of each day, in order from Day 1 to Day 31. I am going to be throwing some of these together into workout mash-ups soon for longer (still not long – probably somewhere between 10 & 30 minutes) workouts that you all can do for fun and strength and variety and all of the above! Feel free to mix and match these, or bust out a 5 minute sweat session on a day you can’t seem to fit in any movement. It’ll change your entire day – I promise!












day23day 21





day30day 31

Let’s get on rockin’ some of these exercises and workouts so we’ll not only break a sweat but a smile too! Open-mouthed smile


I’d LOVE it if you’d join me here too so you don’t miss a thing…

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Tell me…!

  • What are some of your tips for fitting in movement when you’re busy?
  • What are some of your favorite versatile exercises?
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October Challenges– #SweatFor5 Minutes a Day & Win!

Posted September 30, 2013 By electrafi

Happy October my #ElectraFiArmy!!! I told you all I have something AWESOME planned for all of you for October!!! How excited are you!? I’m jumping out of my seat excited, if you can’t tell!


I really hope you’ll join in my #SweatFor5 challenge this October! It’s going to be awesome. Every single day in October I will have a quick 5 minute challenge for you – either a quick 5 minute workout or an exercise to complete for 5 minutes. I believe that with accountability (#electrafiarmy) and a plan (#sweatfor5 workouts & exercises I will post on ChallengeLoop – Sign Up Here), you can create the life you want to live and the body you want to have.

October is the last month before the holidays arrive. Let’s not wait until the excuses start to pile up, but instead get ahead of the game and start changing making small choices each day to create the life we want. I want you to love yourself and I want to help be a part of you creating a healthy lifestyle that includes sweating. I know we can all find 5 minutes daily. Let’s do this!

There will be THREE winners. WHAT!?! You heard me. Three happy winners! Open-mouthed smile The grand prize will be a swag bag from Under Armour, with a full head to toe outfit and goodies. The two additional prize winners will receive smaller prizes from Under Armour, including one article of clothing and an accessory. Potential additional surprise prizes.

The challenge starts October 1st and goes through October 31st. Just accept the challenge, download the app on your phone or save the webpage to visit daily, and leave a comment or post a picture every time you do a 5 minute challenge. You must post at least 8 times to be eligible to win the FABULOUS prizes!

Come be active with me on Instagram, twitter, here, anywhere! It’s going to be A BLAST!

Official hashtag of challenge: #sweatfor5

Additional hashtags/tags to include: #electrafiarmy #IWILL @electrafi


(Actually, details above! Winking smile)

Here is Day 1!!


I won’t be posting every day on my site here, so make sure to sign up on the Challenge Loop page!

Post a picture, your reps, anything to THE CHALLENGE PAGE!! Can’t wait to see ya’ll ROCKKKKKK IT! SO PSYCHED FOR ALL OF YOU!!!

You all know I’m ALWAYS on Instagram and we’ll be supporting each other there – don’t forget your hashtags to find each other – follow me, follow each other, support each other, let’s do this!!


Everyone gets their motivation from somewhere right? One of my motivators is Betty Rocker. She’s AWESOME – lives a healthy, balanced, happy lifestyle full of sweat, good foods and likes to help others. Awesome possum. I wanted to let you know I’m doing her #Rocktober challenge to #makefatcry – yep. Making fat cry. Love it! Winking smile Just in case you wanted another challenge to do along with #sweatfor5!

IGrocktober rocktoberfreeabs300x300 rocktoberthumb


I’d LOVE it if you’d join me here too…

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So tell me…!

  • Are you signed up for #sweatfor5 here?
  • Are you doing any other october challenges?
  • What is something YOU want to get out of the sweatfor5 challenge?
  • Ever heard of Betty Rocker?
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High Intensity MMA Workout

Posted August 5, 2013 By electrafi

Happy Monday Rockstars!! Let’s start this week off right with a fun and sweaty workout!


MMA? What is an MMA workout you ask? MMA stands for mixed martial arts. Many MMA fighters (UFC is the main arena) train with high intensity through a combination of strength, cardio, and functional movements in addition to their technical skill to get ready for the grueling non-stop bout in the octagon (ring) during their competition. Am I training for a fight? Nope. I don’t like the idea of getting punched in the face too much Smile with tongue out. BUT, I do have the utmost respect for these fighters and their training styles. As I always say, I train to be ready for anything.

Excerpt from post:

  • “Most of you know I am an ER nurse. I work with life or death situations every day. I train because I realize the importance of what I do and what I need to protect. I train because I can’t afford not to be strong, capable, and functional in those situations.”.

Training similar to the way a fighter might train can get you ready for life. This workout is a high intensity workout I put together that resembles similar functional movements a fighter may use in training or fighting. And if you’re just looking for a way to get sweaty and make your booty look nicer, this is for you too! Winking smile

This workout focuses on cardio, glutes & abs. It’s an awesome cardio HIIT workout if you repeat it, or a great “finisher” to any workout – especially a leg workout!



I find it important to keep working out fun, and this workout was exactly that! I hope you all have an amazing Monday. Something about Mondays, there’s just a magic in the air about it being a fresh start. So even if you didn’t get the workouts in you wanted to this weekend or ate a bit too many goodies at a get together, today is a great day to remember to love your body enough to let it move, sweat, and fuel it with healthy foods!


I’d LOVE it if you’d join me here too…


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Tell me…

  • Would you like me to post my reps/times and create a community where we can push each other to be better with a little friendly competition?
  • IF yes to above: Keep track of your reps & comment below (or tag @electrafi & #electrafiyourlife on Instagram/Twitter) with your scores!
  • What is one exercise you couldn’t live without and one you wish you could?
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I’m Still Learning to Love Myself Too

Posted July 25, 2013 By electrafi

Who here is still learning to love themselves? For everything you are and for everything you want to be?

I sure am.

I know my site is specifically about creating a strong mental game and self-love through sweat and healthy foods, but that doesn’t mean I too, am not working on being my best me and loving myself unconditionally, just as you are. I work every day on my mental game, my self-love, sweating, eating healthy and right for not only my body, but my mind as well. I do a REALLY great job most of the time. I have worked REALLY hard to get to where the majority of my time is spent with a positive outlook of myself and the world around me. Does that mean I’m perfect? Hardly. There are days that are easier than others.

I recently had a few days that were tough in the self-love department, for many reasons. I didn’t have my normal energy. Someone close to me pointed out cellulite near my booty when I was wearing shorts. (For the record – I love my legs and my booty. Always have – which made this difficult.)  I didn’t fit into some clothes I hadn’t tried on in a while (granted – these clothes were bought when I had disordered thoughts about eating, leading my body to be smaller than it is now, so it’s not bad I didn’t fit into those clothes).

Why does having cellulite lead our hearts to sink? Until 1960, cellulite was not even ever talked about – it was only referred to medically as a “secondary sex characteristic” – much as breasts are for a woman. Why is one secondary sex characteristic the apple of every ones’ eye, but another is the bane of any woman’s existence? That makes no sense.

Why does not fitting into clothes lead our hearts to sink? A size up often means more muscle, sometimes means more body fat. Why is this fact so emotional? Why does a size four or six create frustration? Why is a size zero the ideal? I fit into a size zero at one point. That point was when I had a disordered thought process in regards to both food and exercise. I was unhealthy at that point. Unhealthy and disordered led me to size zero. Healthy, balanced, learning self love has lead me to a size four to six-ish. What’s the ish? All sizes are subjective depending on brand. Many people would give an arm and a leg to be a size four or six. Again – I’m not into comparing, but just stating a fact. Why did this bother me? It is not bad I don’t fit into some of my smaller clothes, in fact, I am proud of myself. Shopping trip anyone? ;-)

When I cringe or feel tears welling up in my eyes in response to cellulite or not fitting into certain clothes, it makes me mad. Mad at myself for letting trivial things affect me. Mad at the media for portraying perfect as skinny with a thigh gap. (For the record, I think there are many types of beauty, and thin is beautiful as long as it’s natural and not obtained through unhealthy manners.) Mad at the media for creating unrealistic expectations for women by portraying photo-shopped women as ideal. Mad at the culture for not fighting back more. Mad at our parents for believing these things and hating themselves, leading to a poor example for us growing up. Mad at the clothing industry for continually making sizes un-true to size. Mad at just about whoever I could be mad at for this.

But then I realized something.

How I react is up to me. I have control over how I react to anything. To any situation. To any comment. To any feeling. I then put on my big girl pants, took a deep breath, and reminded myself I am worth loving. I reminded myself there are many great people in this world fighting back against this idea of “perfection,” this idea of “skinny,” this idea of “deprivation” being where it’s at. That is not where it’s at. Self-love and appreciation is where it’s at. I then reached out to a source I knew wouldn’t let me down. I browsed over to Go Kaleo, where I was sent immediately to these links:

I read these links.

I then reminded myself what so many people who have been injured or been in accidents wouldn’t give to have some cellulite on their legs that worked. THIS ALWAYS PUTS LIFE IN PERSPECTIVE FOR ME.

 I then started going through the things my body does for me. 

My body…

  • Puts up with me working 12-16 hour shifts of being on my feet in the ER.
  • Helps me run around, do CPR, save lives in the ER.
  • Sweats while I exercise.
  • Jumps when I want to jump, and jumps even when I am tired.
  • Runs when I want to run scratch that, I seldom want to run. But it runs for me when I dig deep and get it done.
  • Goes through workout routines I put together, my friends put together, strangers put together.
  • Has intimate moments with the love of my life.
  • Hugs the people I care about.
  • Makes food to nourish my body.
  • Digests food, burns fat, builds muscle.
  • It gains fat – and this doesn’t always have to be bad. After being too lean, my body gained fat to make me healthier even after I wasn’t nice to my body.
  • Bounced back after I was hard on it, and reminded me when being resilient is all about.
  • Reminds me if what I am eating is good for me or not – cue intuitive eating.
  • Smiles, laughs, houses my eyes so I can see the world and all it’s beauty, and all the ugly things too. (The sun isn’t as bright when there’s no rain, right?)

All of these things allowed me to remind myself why I am thankful for my body. Why my body is great. Why I do love myself. Why I am thankful for everything I can do. Why a few dimples on otherwise strong and sexy legs don’t matter. Why those dimples are actually great – they’re great because I am a woman, and I’m fertile. And that’s important to me.

 These are not legs to be ashamed of, cellulite or not.

 These legs are legs to be proud of!

So let’s shout it from the rooftop, or at least tell ourselves when we look in the mirror every day, how much we love our bodies, and remind ourselves of every wonderful thing they do for us. I am proud of all of you, and yet surprised again at how excited I am to share raw, personal things with all of you. You all ROCK!

P.S. Head on over to visit Katie at She Rocks Fitness for some more motivation about strong being beautiful (she is AWESOME!)! She highlighted me in her post today, and I am honored. She also shared a killer 30 minute workout I think y’all (in honor of her recent move to Texas!) will love!


I’d LOVE if you’d…


Tell me…

  • What things does your body do for you?
  • What are some things that you have to overcome when it comes to self-love?
  • What is something you love about yourself?
  • What do YOU do when you have a tough day?
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Posted July 13, 2013 By electrafi

My assumption is that all of you perceptive people have realized that my site has changed. Change can be hard, but is so necessary sometimes, and this change is good! Promise!! I hearby announce that  ElectraFi is here!

I have written about my story, the real story behind Electra. The story of learning to love myself one day at a time, through lots of sweat, a lot of trial and error, and a whole lot of patience.

My original blog and site http://vanillabeanlean.com is near and dear to my heart. It’s hard to not see that address in my posts anymore. But truthfully, I had outgrown the name. Will it still be around, potentially for recipes and such? Yes, as far as I know. Is it going to be my primary “web residence” as it once was? No, not anymore.

I began blogging when my takeaway was about “abs abs abs” and that is no longer my focus. ABS ALONE ARE NO LONGER YOUR FOCUS!? Blasphemy. But it’s the truth!

What is the focus?

  • Is being fit a focus? Yes. Strong? Yes. Working out? Yes. Sweating? My GOSH, YES! Along with health, nutrition, creating a balanced life, self-love, success.

Is it hard to talk about what I used to focus on?

  • I never thought I’d ever in a million years share my entire story. It was TERRIFYING the first time. It gets easier every time I write about it. Does it make me feel ashamed? No, I just pray that no one was trying too hard to get to that point that my being too lean pushed them too far, exactly what had happened to me. The hardest part for me was that people praised me for what I looked like, how “dedicated” I was. Truth is, I was unhealthy. I was too lean, and I was not dedicated – I was obsessed. In an ugly way. Vanilla Bean Lean ended up being a platform for that. And for that exact reason, and the way I have grown out of caring about abs like I once did, I grew out of the name Vanilla Bean Lean. Lean was my primary focus. Lean is great if done in a healthy manner, but lean alone is no longer a trap I am captive in, and therefore, it was very important to me to provide myself a platform to reach all of you for exactly the reasons I want to.

ElectraFi. To me it’s all about helping others to electrafi their lives through happiness in many ways. One way is obviously through sweat.

New name. Same me. Same fun. Same workouts. Same inspiration.

On that note, here’s a fun, quick workout that will get your shoulders burning!

[5x through: 10 squats (bodyweight) & 10 shoulder pushups with one leg raised! They don’t look all that hard but I promise you’ll be feelin’ the shoulder burn! ;-) I absolutely LOVE outdoor workouts!]

The beauty of connecting your body through moving and sweating with how you feel about yourself is a gift, and it takes practice. I promise I’ll be here every step of the way.

I’m Electra, the woman that was behind Vanilla Bean Lean who has had to work really hard to learn to love myself the way that I should have all along. I’m Electra, the woman behind ElectraFi who loves herself unconditionally and will teach you how to empower yourself in the same way. I’m is no longer as lean as I once was. But I am much more powerful, stronger, happier, and beautiful. I now work out and fuel my body with healthy foods because I love my body, no longer because I think there’s something wrong with it.

I’m so excited you’re here – http://electra-fi.com & I’m so excited to have all of you on board, and cannot wait for everyone else that joins. No matter where you are in your journey, I promise that you are worth it. You are enough, yet can still be better, and I’ll teach you how to be happy in that. I will encourage you and show you how to be the best you while I share me, working on being the best me I can be. Our work isn’t ever done. But there’s a happy place where being happy with yourself and bettering yourself can come together and can both occur at the same time. And when it does, it is a beautiful thing.

Since undergoing some changes, I’d really love y0ur support here as well as around the social media webworld! Let’s be friends! :-D

(P.S. Those of you who are on twitter and IG, I will be using the hashtag #electrafiyourlife and I’d LOVE if you get in on the fun so we can all find each other and support each others’ goals!)

And last but not least – THE UNDER ARMOUR GIVEAWAY WINNER IS …

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sarah Jordan! Congratulations! We’re all a bit jealous of you right now ;-) Please email me at ielectrafi@gmail.com within 48 hours with your top size, bottom size, shoe size and address so we can get your killer UA swag out to you!


  • What do you think of electra-fi.com vs vanillabeanlean.com?
  • What are some of your goals for yourself and things you’re working on right now?
  • What are some things you love about yourself?
  • What big news is going on in your life?
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