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REM-Fit Sleep Enhancement Review

Posted August 19, 2014 By electrafi

(I have a firm disclosure policy. REM-Fit (connection through FitFluential) sent me this awesome sleep enhancing package at no cost. Every single opinion in this post is all my own.)


We all know that health encompasses a multitude of different things, all pieces of a puzzle fitting together to make the healthiest you.

I have gone through many different “phases” of figuring out WHAT it is that makes me the healthiest me. I’ve come to a pretty darn awesome compilation. Healthy, whole foods, one Shakeology shake a day, sweating at least 4-5 times per week, surrounding myself with positive people and positive things to read to better myself, and doing my best at everything I do have been making me feel amazing. The last piece of that puzzle is REALLY GOOD SLEEP. As a nurse, I hear COUNTLESS times per day how poorly everyone sleeps. Many people seem to have difficulty sleeping, for many different reasons. Sleep is when your brain processes information and makes memories. Sleep is also where your body recuperates and heals. We all know that when we skimp on sleep we feel like crap. We also all know that when we sleep “like a baby,” the world seems to be a little brighter.

Especially for those who like to make sweating a priority on the regular, you need a good sleep to rest up.

This is where REM-Fit comes in. It is specially designed for those who live a healthy & active lifestyle to help rejuvenate them during their sleep. REM-Fit = Rest, Energize and Motivate. How did they know I’d love them oh so much?



We all know I’m a fan of balance. Balancing both exercise and rest is necessary to live a healthy lifestyle. Sleep energizes the body so you CAN sweat the next day, and having a really restful night sleep helps recovery, motivating the athlete or healthy person to really rock their next sweat-sesh.

Some of my FAVORITE qualities about REM-Fit include:

  • The Tencel thermo-regulation – I tend to get hot, and everyone knows being hot while you sleep is a major bummer. Being just a bit chilled with a nice blanket is perfect, so I love that thermo-regulation quality.
  • I also love that it has ANTIBACTERIAL properties. Being the ER nurse I am, that is a MAJOR plus!
  • The mattress cover – Miracle Membrane – keeps up with mattress hygiene, again, a HUGE plus to this ER nurse!

This is what I was graciously sent: REM-Fit Rest Adjustable Pillow, Energize Mattress and Pillow Protectors.

My thoughts after using everything for two weeks:

  • Rest Adjustable Pillow = awesome comfort. Very pleased. Soft enough to mold to what is comfortable, but firm enough not to let your neck droop.
  • Energize Mattress & Pillow Protectors = great peace of mind for hygiene and cleanliness – another aspect of health. This isn’t something you can “feel” but it gives me peace of mind to know I’m sleeping in a clean and healthy environment.

Just one more way I am working to live a passionately balance healthy life from every angle!


My friends over at REM-Fit are providing all of you wonderful readers the code “remfitlife” to save 40% off ANYTHING on their site. FOURTY PERCENT OFF?? Count me in!


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Tell me…

  • Are you a good sleeper? Poor sleeper?
  • What things help you sleep better?
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Reebok ZQuick Shoes

Posted February 19, 2014 By electrafi

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok.

(I have a firm disclosure policy. Reebok sent me these killer shoes at no cost. Every single opinion in this post is all my own.)


Like. A. Glove.

2014-02-09 10.15.46

Reebok has this awesome new campaign that I feel lucky to be a part of. Have you seen the killer video??

I am a huge fan, especially since I used to do gymnastics, and one of the USA Olympic gymnasts, Aly Raisman, rocks it in the video. I promise you won’t regret watching!

Beware: Watching this video may cause major motivation.

I was psyched about the shoes as soon as I got them in the mail and made sure to blurt out to my man-fan (new word for boyfriend. Like it? Winking smile) and my brother that the shoes were Z-Rated. I actually had to look that up. But them? They immediately smiled and responded, “like the tire!?” You bet. Sports-car handling for your feet during your run so you can be “unnaturally quick”. Aren’t convinced yet? Their booties lock your feet in, mind you, all while being low-cut. This is exactly what I meant when I said Like. A. Glove. I am a chick who CANNOT wear shoes without socks. Just like I cannot sleep WITH socks. And must have low-cut socks and shoes. Unless they’re knee-high socks. Because when were those ever a bad thing? Winking smile I digress.

Major cozy, speedy feet. I’m a fan. Major fan.

I love that the Z-Quick Run shoes are super light, but still stabilize my feet.

After years of rolling my ankles playing volleyball, gymnastics & soccer, I need a stable shoe. These give me both the light shoe &  quick-ness I want while keeping my feet secure. Love it.

The groves in the sole flex and expand while you run. Bless the people who make shoes using technology. They’re geniuses.

These are technically running shoes but I have also used these for some HIIT workouts and the outstanding handling these shoes have make them very versatile!

And as a an ER nurse…

2014-02-09 10.14.05

I LOVE the fungus inhibiting feature. Open-mouthed smile

No fungus here.

Fun? Yes. But Fungus? No. Winking smile

2014-02-09 10.11.542014-02-09 10.11.56

Couldn’t forget the classic Electra-Shoe-Thumbs Up-Smiling-Reebok-Loving-Picture! Open-mouthed smile

2014-02-09 10.12.09-1

The Z-Quick shoes couldn’t be left out of the Reebok Sky DMX & Reebok Zig Carbon Shoe Fun!

2014-02-09 10.13.162014-02-09 10.13.32


2014-02-09 10.15.582014-02-09 10.16.302014-02-09 10.16.54

And who happened to be wearing my Reebok PWR leggings the morning my shoes arrived??

Doesn’t surprise me … I adore my Reebok clothes & shoes and wear them on the regular. Now I get to add my Reebok ZQuick shoes to the mix!


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Tell me…

  • Have you ever worn Reebok shoes? My favorites are the Nano, DMX Sky, Zig Carbons … and now the ZQuick Run shoes!
  • What are your go-to companies for fit gear? Reebok continually ends up being the one company I trust for quality.
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How to: Learn to Love Yourself in 10 Steps

Posted October 4, 2013 By electrafi

Morning Rockstars! Happy Monday! I want to share something I posted on my Facebook page at the end of last week, talk about it, and expand on it.


“Make sure you take a deep breath this morning and remember how awesome you are. Remember to love yourself – no matter where you are in your journey. Remember to give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Remember to push yourself. Remember that you’re making yourself better one step at a time. Don’t be too hard on yourself, don’t doubt yourself, don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Challenge you. Become your best you.

And then I asked everyone : What is one thing that you tell yourself that helps you get in the right mindset for the day?

The majority of the responses concluded that other than working on fitting it in, they tell themselves that THEY are their own competition.

There were many times during my journey where I did NOT love myself. Where all I was looking at was an end goal. Where I was way too hard on myself. Where I beat myself up. Where I compared myself to everyone else. How did I change that mindset? It’s taken time. And patience <—oh that dreaded word. Winking smile And people to support me who see the best in me. And practice. And guess what? I’m still practicing. I wrote about that here too: I’m Still Learning to Love Myself Too. I wrote about having cellulite, and despite this fact, reminding myself why I love and appreciate my legs and body. I feel that practicing loving yourself will be a lifelong journey. There’s no end goal with no upkeep. Just as you have to maintain muscle and body composition, you have to maintain your mental game. Reminding yourself that you truly do love yourself will be an ongoing journey. The journey will change over time, get simpler, less arduous, and loving yourself will become more of a natural response, which is the goal, just like sweating daily becomes more natural and becomes a habit over time. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to work at it, but that’s partly why it’s so rewarding.

How to: Learn to Love Yourself in 10 Steps:

  1. Change Your Choices: Decide to change just your next choice. This turns into changing the choice after that. And the one after that too. Decide that next time you look in the mirror you will find something you like or love about yourself instead of something you want to change. Decide that next time you see something you do want to change about yourself, take a step to change it, and get rid of the anxiety you have about it, because you have the power to choose who you are by the choices you make. You don’t like that your jeans don’t fit? You have a couple options. You can get larger jeans and rid the anxiety, or you can choose to lose the weight you want to lose, take the first step towards that, and rid the anxiety, since you know you’re going in the right direction. Large changes and large turn-arounds are a compilation of small choices, every single day, that band together and have the ability to change your life in a relatively short amount of time. And when you do make these choices, be proud of yourself for making a better choice each day than you did the day before.
  2. Be Your Own Best Friend: Practice positive self-talk. You can be your own worst enemy, as well as your own best friend. There has been this movement where people think they have to shake off compliments, put themselves down and can’t promote themselves or say good things about themselves without making someone else feel bad or being called a self-centered person. SELF-LOVE AND POSITIVE SELF-TALK IS NOT A CRIME. Of course there’s a way to do this, talk to yourself and love yourself in a way that is positive for everyone. The bottom line is that you can be your own best friend, your own best cheerleader. And this starts in your own head, right between your own two ears. Next time you hear your own mind say something negative about yourself, cut it off, and replace it with something positive. You hear your own mind say to yourself, “you’re fat”? Cut that off. Say to own mind and yourself, “I’m not fat. I have some fat I want to get rid of. And because I have the power to choose who I am by the choices I make, I can get rid of some of that fat if I want to. I want to. I will get rid of some of that fat starting now with the next choice I make.” It can be about anything: my hair is too this, my nose is too that, I don’t have that skill, my x, y, and z suck. No. None of it sucks, none of it is too this or that, and you don’t not have the ability to gain any skill. You can make yourself what you want to be, so remind yourself that through how you talk to yourself in-between your own ears. If you do something well – PRAISE YOURSELF. If you do something poorly, ENCOURAGE yourself to try again. You’d never talk to your best friend, your sister, even your acquaintances like that – so stop talking to yourself like that, and right now. Be your own cheerleader. BE IN YOUR OWN CORNER. Start making the place between your ears a positive, uplifting place. It costs nothing. You get to start now!
  3. Say Thank You: Learn to take compliments from others. This is simply said, but not simply done, for the reasons above. We’re afraid to have big egos, to make others feel bad. When I compliment someone, it’s because I love their earrings, or because I think they’re beautiful inside or out, or because something they did resonated with me. Them saying thank you means they’ve acknowledged the good in what they’re doing or being. Saying thank you doesn’t mean they’re self-centered. It means they’re aware enough of themselves to be and do good. Next time someone compliments you or says something nice about you, smile at them, and say thank you, genuinely. This changed my life. Once I stopped saying, “Oh, I got lucky,” or “Oh, that’s not really as good as you thought,” or “Oh really? I didn’t like my hair this morning,” and instead, just learned to smile and say thank you, I felt a WHOLE LOT BETTER ABOUT MYSELF. Speak positively to yourself, about yourself, and learn to take compliments from others.
  4. Stop the Judgment: Practice positive thoughts about others. You’re going to start being in your own corner, thinking and speaking positively about yourself, and saying thank you when someone compliments you. Just as you owe this to yourself, you owe this same consideration to others. I’ve written about this before, and especially working in the emergency room where I see many people on the worst days of their lives, you never know what someone is going through. You just don’t. Judging why someone is overweight, or judging why someone isn’t well put together, or judging why someone is this, that, or the other thing, won’t help you feel better about yourself. When I didn’t have the confidence about myself and the love I have for myself, I saw myself putting others down and judging others in my own head or aloud because of my own insecurity. It had nothing to do with them. It had everything to do with me and how I felt about myself. I thought and said things because the psychology in my head told myself that if I made someone else look worse, I wouldn’t look as bad as I felt about myself. How do you fix this? One – by starting your own positive self-talk and stomping those insecurities away. And two – by every. single. time. you think a negative thought or say a negative thing about someone else, stop yourself or vow not to do that again. Instead, change that negative into a positive. Maybe that person who is obese had a major accident and has been on bed rest for a year, and is just lucky to be alive. Maybe that person who is disheveled just had the love of their life pass away. Maybe that person who is this, that, or the other thing, is an amazing person. No one is 100% all the time. Everyone has bad hair days, everyone has different viewpoints on life, everyone has different lifestyles. Be the best you that you can be and talk positively to yourself. Give others that same consideration, and your life will change for the better. You’ll get to know people you’d have otherwise judged, and maybe that will change your life. Opportunities open up for people who give themselves and others consideration. The golden rule, treat others as you’d like to be treated, always applies. And it applies in your thoughts too.
  5. Stop Comparing Yourself to Anyone Else: Learn to appreciate yourself and others separately, and appreciate the differences that are present. You’re going to start thinking about and talking to yourself and others positively. Appreciating everyone’s differences will help this along. Comparing yourself to others is a trap. You cannot ever look like me, and I cannot ever look like you. We’re different down to the cellular level. Our upbringings are different, the people in our lives are different, our career paths are different. Your best is different than my best. And that is OK! Actually, it’s more than ok. It’s amazing. How boring would life be if we were all the same? If there was no variety? Appreciating this variety and these differences will give you peace in regards to yourself. It’ll remind you that you don’t have to be all of what he or she is, that you’re different, and you’re great in your own way, and that decreases anxiety. Perfectionism and comparing yourself to others are futile. It won’t get you anywhere. Take inspiration. It’s okay to say to yourself that you love what her shoulders look like and want to make yours the best yours can look. Saying you want her shoulders is unrealistic and futile, because even if you work your deltoids to death and eat as close to perfect as you can, your shoulders will NEVER be her shoulders. It’s physically impossible. No shoulder transplants please. Winking smile Remember that we each have weaknesses, we each have strengths. Appreciate others’ strengths, even if they’re different than yours. Know your weakness, and improve upon them, but do just that and don’t beat yourself up about those weaknesses <— positive self-talk, remember? This leads me to my next thought … appreciate others differences but work on being your best YOU, not your best them, since that’s impossible!
  6. Work on Being your best YOU:  The quote, “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” by Oscar Wilde used to baffle me. I never understood. Everyone else is taken? What? I didn’t get it. I now understand this perfectly and it’s one of my favorite quotes I’ve ever heard. It’s impossible to be someone else, it’s impossible to have their looks, it’s impossible to be in their brain. Have you ever noticed that no one notices all the little imperfections you’re stressed about? Have you ever been so embarrassed or stressed about something that you then come to realize that no one has even noticed? When I first started to see this, and first started to see how I was very anxious about little imperfections (perfectionist much? Yep, definitely used to be. Now I work on being excellent, not perfect. There IS no perfect!) but then no one even took a second glance, it was an eye opener. When I first started talking about this, I told my brother, “We’re not that important. Everyone is worried about something on themselves, no one even notices what you’re worried about.” That was a poor description, and it’s not that we aren’t important, but it was important break through in my mind. Now I understand that it’s that we’re WAY MORE important than those little things. That people care about the kind of person we are, not how big our pores on our face are, or if we slip up a word or two in a sentence. People care about the whole picture, the whole being, not that a few hairs are out of place on the top of our head. And those little imperfections? Those are beautiful, and I have come to embrace them. Remember that you’re beautiful. All of you. That weird freckle? Those funky baby hairs? That big butt? Or crooked nose? Someone thinks that those are all beautiful. Let’s make that first someone yourself. Be your best you, be yourself, be a good person, heck – BE THE BEST PERSON YOU CAN BE – it’s a whole lot more important than the small imperfections. Don’t put that pressure on yourself. Instead, work on making yourself better, through every single choice you make, and being your best you. Everyone else is taken.
  7. Surround Yourself with Support: Surround yourself with people who want to empower you. Surround yourself with people who care about you. Surround yourself with people who want to make you better. They say that you’re a compilation of the people you spend the most time with. The people you let into your life and spend valuable time with, whether on purpose or accident, shape you. Your environment shapes you, and there’s nothing more powerful than the people in your world. Respect yourself enough to stop spending time with people that don’t make your world a better place, that don’t help you grow. Quality over quantity. Finding that one or two or three people that are your rocks, that will change your world. For me, it’s my boyfriend and my brother. That’s not a whole lot of people. I choose to spend the most time with them that I can. Why? Both of them care about me to the core. They don’t care if my hair is sticking out every which way, I have no make up on, and my clothes are all mismatched. They care that I’m happy and healthy, and they’ll do anything they can to help me better myself and be there when I need them. It can be anyone. And remember, if you feel like you have no one, look at yourself. Make sure you’re open to BEING that support for someone, and more than likely, you’ll have an inpouring of support as well. Surround yourself with people that empower you, instead of tear you down. Above we talked about how insecurity can cause you to judge someone, tear them down because it has everything to do with you, and not them. If you empower others, and surround yourself with people who empower you, there’s nothing you can’t do. Impossible becomes I’m Possible with support and empowerment.
  8. BE the Inspiration You Want to See. Inspire and Empower Someone Else: Just as you want others to support you, inspire you, and empower you, you can be that for someone else. Just like I talked about how Betty Rocker inspires me, and how I feel lucky enough to be that person for others, it’s a paying it forward kind of deal. Be who you want to be, give what you want to be given, smile like you want to be smiled at, and you’ll gain all that in return. Be the person you want others to be to you. Nothing is more motivating than knowing you’re someone else’s inspiration or motivation. BE the inspiration you want to see. THAT ALONE, will empower you.
  9. Two words. Patience and Practice: Give yourself the gift of patience. All of this takes time and practice. In the instant gratification culture we live in today, it’s so easy to look at this post I’ve written and say to yourself, “BUT I JUST WANT TO LOVE MYSELF NOW!” It’s easy to wish that just reading this post would cure every insecurity you’ve ever had. And I get that. And you can. Start with your next choice. Your next thought. Bring positivity into your world. Fight tooth and nail to get rid of negativity, from your thoughts, your actions, your life. Every choice you make and thought you have shapes your world and who you are. Practice making yourself your best you every day, and have patience, knowing that every choice you’re making counts and that you are on your way. You’re on your journey of and to self-love and love of others.
  10. Be Thankful. There are many people that have much less and have many more obstacles than you’re facing currently. Your obstacles are valid, and not unworthy of appreciation, but understanding the notion that it could always be worse and to be thankful for all that we have helps us love where we are and who we are while we better ourselves and our lives. This is exactly why if motivation is lacking for me, all I have to do is think about someone who WISHES they had four working limbs to sweat with and that makes me work harder. It’s the little things to be thankful for, and in turn, it will encourage your self love even more.

My hope is that these 10 steps to take help you strengthen your mental game. With every choice and every thought, strengthen yourself. That alone should start your own self-love. Self-love can give way to so many opportunities, decrease so much anxiety. It will change your world to take a few of these simple steps, and practice them daily.


My #Sweatfor5 October challenge (sweat for 5 minutes a day with me and have a chance to win swag!) is getting into full swing and everyone is ROCKING IT. I am so incredibly proud of all of you!! Here’s a recap of days 2-7. I just wanted to remind you all how proud I am of you and that I’m honored you’re spending 5 minutes every day with my during your october and making sure to fit it in. I believe in all of you, keep rockin’ it and showing me what you’ve got!! Even if you missed the first week, you can still join!! Lots of swag up for grabs as prizes! Sign up here: #Sweatfor5 Challenge!

day2 day3tridips

day4 day5

day6 day7


Have a fantastic monday! Start your week off rockin’!


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Tell me…!

  • Do you do any of the ten steps above?
  • What is your biggest hurdle in loving yourself?
  • Are you participating in #sweatfor5?
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October Challenges– #SweatFor5 Minutes a Day & Win!

Posted September 30, 2013 By electrafi

Happy October my #ElectraFiArmy!!! I told you all I have something AWESOME planned for all of you for October!!! How excited are you!? I’m jumping out of my seat excited, if you can’t tell!


I really hope you’ll join in my #SweatFor5 challenge this October! It’s going to be awesome. Every single day in October I will have a quick 5 minute challenge for you – either a quick 5 minute workout or an exercise to complete for 5 minutes. I believe that with accountability (#electrafiarmy) and a plan (#sweatfor5 workouts & exercises I will post on ChallengeLoop – Sign Up Here), you can create the life you want to live and the body you want to have.

October is the last month before the holidays arrive. Let’s not wait until the excuses start to pile up, but instead get ahead of the game and start changing making small choices each day to create the life we want. I want you to love yourself and I want to help be a part of you creating a healthy lifestyle that includes sweating. I know we can all find 5 minutes daily. Let’s do this!

There will be THREE winners. WHAT!?! You heard me. Three happy winners! Open-mouthed smile The grand prize will be a swag bag from Under Armour, with a full head to toe outfit and goodies. The two additional prize winners will receive smaller prizes from Under Armour, including one article of clothing and an accessory. Potential additional surprise prizes.

The challenge starts October 1st and goes through October 31st. Just accept the challenge, download the app on your phone or save the webpage to visit daily, and leave a comment or post a picture every time you do a 5 minute challenge. You must post at least 8 times to be eligible to win the FABULOUS prizes!

Come be active with me on Instagram, twitter, here, anywhere! It’s going to be A BLAST!

Official hashtag of challenge: #sweatfor5

Additional hashtags/tags to include: #electrafiarmy #IWILL @electrafi


(Actually, details above! Winking smile)

Here is Day 1!!


I won’t be posting every day on my site here, so make sure to sign up on the Challenge Loop page!

Post a picture, your reps, anything to THE CHALLENGE PAGE!! Can’t wait to see ya’ll ROCKKKKKK IT! SO PSYCHED FOR ALL OF YOU!!!

You all know I’m ALWAYS on Instagram and we’ll be supporting each other there – don’t forget your hashtags to find each other – follow me, follow each other, support each other, let’s do this!!


Everyone gets their motivation from somewhere right? One of my motivators is Betty Rocker. She’s AWESOME – lives a healthy, balanced, happy lifestyle full of sweat, good foods and likes to help others. Awesome possum. I wanted to let you know I’m doing her #Rocktober challenge to #makefatcry – yep. Making fat cry. Love it! Winking smile Just in case you wanted another challenge to do along with #sweatfor5!

IGrocktober rocktoberfreeabs300x300 rocktoberthumb


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So tell me…!

  • Are you signed up for #sweatfor5 here?
  • Are you doing any other october challenges?
  • What is something YOU want to get out of the sweatfor5 challenge?
  • Ever heard of Betty Rocker?
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Pickled Peppered Turkey Recipe + Winner

Posted September 27, 2013 By electrafi

With no further a’do, the winner of the Sports Bra Giveaway is ….

Kerri Olkjer! (For following @UAWomen on Instagram) Congratulations!

Please email me at with your preferred bra, bra size (cup and band and S/M/L/XL), address and excitement! Open-mouthed smile


Peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers…. Winking smile

Who else did all those silly tongue twisters when they were younger? That’s exactly what I think of when I say Pickled, Peppered Turkey!

Some of the best recipes I’ve come up with were recipes with odd combination ingredients put together when I was missing ingredients for one of my go-to recipes. I was missing my usual zucchini or celery that I add to ground turkey. What did that lead me to find out? Sweet peppers, pickles, and spicy mustard flavors REALLY, really complement each other! Accidental awesome anyone??

Pickled Peppered Turkey

Makes four servings:


  • 16 oz ground turkey (I use 93% lean)
  • 1 whole egg
  • 2-4 tbsp spicy mustard
  • 2 tbsp mustard
  • Spices to taste: Sea-Salt, Pepper, White Pepper, Dill, Italian Seasoning Blend, Dried onions
  • 2 pickles
  • 4 mini sweet peppers
  • Non-stick spray or oil


  1. Mix ground turkey, egg, spicy mustard, mustard, spices together.
  2. Cut up pickles & sweet peppers.
  3. Add pickles & peppers to ground turkey mix.
  4. Spray or oil pan and put mixture into pan on medium high heat.
  5. Cook until browned.
  6. Makes four 4-oz servings.
  7. Serve with sides (Pictured here with green bean “fries” and a sweet potato with coconut oil.)

Note – Cooking covered with a lid leads to meat that is slightly more moist, cooking uncovered leads to meat that is slightly more browned. I personally prefer cooking this recipe uncovered!


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So tell me…!

  • What is your favorite ground meat?
  • What are some odd flavor combinations you’ve tried and really liked?
  • What #accidentallyawesome food combinations have you come up with?
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Muscle Ropes Workout

Posted September 23, 2013 By electrafi

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a nice and relaxing weekend so you’re ready to kick off this week with a bang Muscles Ropes Workout! Winking smile If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you  know that through my relationship with FitFluential, Muscle Ropes sent me the Cyclone Muscle Ropes to enjoy, and enjoying them I am!

As a side note before I get into the nitty gritty about the muscle ropes and share my killer workout with you, I was super impressed by how the rope was coiled up in the box when I received it. As a test, I tried to put it back in the box after using it to see if I could neatly coil it up like they did, and let’s just say it looked like the box shrunk and didn’t fit the rope in it anymore! Those are some talented distributors! They sent me a Cyclone rope, but they have many different ropes (all made in the good ‘ole USA – which is a huge deal for me!), including different size muscle ropes (for all ages and athletic abilities), climbing ropes, giant jumping ropes. I can only imagine jumping rope with a giant rope! Muscle Ropes is a small business that sells almost 30 miles of rope every year. 30 MILES OF ROPE!? More than a marathon of rope every single year! The rope has held up to the workouts I’ve done, and the handles seem to be very high quality, which is huge since many ropes lose their handles quick.

Anyone who has done a high intensity workout knows that 30 seconds – 1 minute isn’t a quick as it seems. This rope takes that to an entirely different level. 20-30 seconds flies by you say? Grab a muscle rope and you might think differently! Winking smile That’s not to say it’s not a blast, because I’ve had fun incorporating this piece of equipment into my workouts. I’m guessing you’ve seen a rope, often called battle ropes, lying around your gym or fitness studio, or being used in a crossfit box or on TV. The Biggest Loser uses muscle ropes, as do many branches of the military. It’s fun to watch someone utilize this piece of equipment, but until you try it, you don’t realize how deceivingly challenging they are. It’s like a pistol squat or some of the interesting core exercises I’ve posted. They don’t look too challenging until you actually do them and FEEL. THE. BURN. right away! It’s fun to incorporate something like this into your workouts every now and again because it challenges you, recruits different muscles, makes you more functional, and brings in variety, which keeps working out and sweating fun!

All of you know I am a total glutton for punishment, and I’ve taken it to an entirely differently level with this exercise above. What could get better than muscle rope burpee slams!?!

Now tell me that doesn’t look like a blast! Sweating and working out can be quick and fun. I am a huge proponent of being able to get a good sweat in almost ANYWHERE. This piece of equipment has been added to my “home gym,” which is mainly all functional workout pieces – I’ll do a post on my favorite at-home workout equipment soon! It’s a great addition to many workouts and can be used pretty much anywhere there is a pole or steak that you can wind the rope around. I am not a proponent of no-option workouts. I do have some gym-specific workouts, but the majority of the workouts I create and share with all of you are workouts that you can pretty much take and do anywhere with just your bodyweight or minimal equipment. Living a healthy, fit, active lifestyle shouldn’t be a chore or something that has to be rigid. It should be fun, and incorporate different ways of getting into shape.

All of that being said, let’s get down to the workout so you can get sweaty and get on with your day! This workout requires a space you can stretch the rope out, and some good ‘ole determination! Open-mouthed smile Make sure you get a really good warm-up in, and make sure to focus on form. With the muscle ropes, form is especially important, and it’s important to make sure you protect your back and joints. Anything high impact can effect your joints and back, and yes – you want to do the exercises quick, but you want to make sure you focus on doing the exercises CORRECTLY first. Form always comes before speed. Keep yourself in good alignment and THEN rock some quick reps out!

Ready to go?!


Muscle Ropes Mash-Up Workout

12 x 30/30

(12 Rounds with 30 second intervals – 30 seconds all out back to back with 30 seconds of rest)

Alternating Waves

Rope Slams

Reverse Lunge Waves

Jumping Slams

Jumping Jack Squats

Burpee Slams

There are 6 exercises, all exercises are to go in order of the circuit with the timer 30 seconds on, 30 seconds rest, and will all be repeated twice. You may think you won’t need 30 seconds of rest, but even after the first exercise, you’ll appreciate the equal rest to exertion!

Explanation of exercises:

  • Alternating waves: Overhand grip. Alternate waves on from each hand, keep back straight, head in neutral position, slightly squatted down with your glutes engaged, weight on your heels.
  • Rope Slams: Overhand grip. Slam ropes down – both hands together, same position as above.
  • Reverse Lunge Waves: Overhand grip. Alternating waves with alternating reverse lunges. Keep good form as stated above, if you have to slow your waves down some that’s ok!
  • Jumping Slams: Overhand grip. Jump squats with a rope slam when landing, same form as above.
  • Jumping Jack Squats: Underhand grip, jumping jacks with ropes coming up while landing in an wide squat, jump back up and into standing position, same form as above.
  • Burpee Slams: Burpee down to your belly, jump up and do a rope slam on your way down landing from the jump up after the burpee, same form as above.

Equipment Used:

Muscle Ropes has more fun workouts for you, and you can ask them any questions on their Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. I’m always up for questions too, and LOVE hearing from all of you! Jess created her own Muscle Ropes Workout, and Kasey created another Muscle Ropes workout as well. They’re both fun and it’s nice to know you have a lot of places to get inspired, both of those ladies rock! P.S. Even if you don’t have muscle ropes, you can do this workout by modifying it to the simpler exercises without the ropes! Don’t feel left out! Open-mouthed smile

Mondays are always magical, a new beginning. MAKE your monday a wonderful day, smile at someone random, help someone out, get your sweat on! And as always, I love to hear from you!


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So Tell Me…!

  • Have you ever used ropes to workout with?
  • What are you doing today to make your monday magical?
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9/11 Remember Workout

Posted September 11, 2013 By electrafi

9/11 Remember Workout is a full body workout with 9 reps of 11 exercises. Normally I prescribe a certain number of rounds, but today I want you to do as many rounds as you feel it takes to push yourself and to make yourself better while remembering those that cannot do the same today. The anniversary of 9/11 is a great reminder to tell those you love what they mean to you. Working in the ER I am reminded daily that life is uncertain at times. Today is a global reminder not to take anything for granted. Motivation and inspiration for me changes depending on where I am in my life. One thing that never stops motivating me is the thought of someone who lost a part of their body or function of a part of their body helping others, and thinking of this never fails to motivate me to do more. There are people wishing and praying they could move the way you can – makes me remember not to take our functional ability for granted, and to push harder!

If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter , or Pinterest , TAG @electrafi & #911RememberWorkout today after doing this workout or moving in whatever way you do today! Let’s remember and support together today, I’m looking forward to all of you joining me!

Today’s Takeaway?

Remind those you love what they mean to you & don’t waste a minute – be what you dream of, starting NOW! Open-mouthed smile


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Tell me…!

  • Where were you on 9/11?
  • If time and money were of no constraint – what is your biggest dream?
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Live Your Passion

Posted August 30, 2013 By electrafi


“Our intention creates our reality.” -Wayne Dyer.

I truly believe that if you are passionate about what you do, work hard, and give the best of yourself, you will be able to live the reality you desire. I believe that positivity, determination and love will take you far. I believe that a smile can make all the difference in the world. Embracing and respecting yourself while moving forward to better yourself is an amazing portrayal of strength.

Take action, know your intention, and make your passion your reality! If you don’t know where to start … let me help you. What is your intention in life? What do you feel your purpose and passions are all about? What would you love to spend your time doing if you had no responsibilities? You can make that your reality. First ask yourself that question, and then don’t sit idle. Take steps every day to make that intention your reality!

What is your biggest dream? It’s never to late to start! I believe you can do it!


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Tell me…!

  • What do you feel your intention is, your purpose, your passion?
  • What is your biggest dream?
  • What are your roadblocks to getting there? I want to help!
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Under Armour Workout

Posted August 27, 2013 By electrafi

Going into the amazing trip at Under Armour headquarters (If you haven’t read that post – start there!), I had no idea what to expect. The one thing I DID know was that we were scheduled for a workout first thing when we got there. THAT I was excited about. Under Armour has an awesome training facility (Combine Training) where we witnessed their employees coming in for workouts at all times of day – before work, during work, after work. I know I keep saying this, but the atmosphere they have cultivated at Under Armour is so inspiring, so healthy. Seems like every one of their employees took advantage of the killer facilities they have to put you through a sweat-fest!

They decked us out in UA gear for the workout (I can’t wait to tell you all about my favorite pieces!!)

2013-08-20 11.05.56

2013-08-20 11.20.38

Chris Welch was our trainer. In his past life he was a motocross racer. Have I ever told you all I had about 3 years of my early teenage years where motocross racing was my dream? Well, if not – there’s a fun fact for you! Winking smile From everything we heard until we met him, we knew we were going to work our tails off. And that we did! But you all know I wouldn’t have it ANY other way! Maybe it’s my athlete days, or just that I am a competitive glutton for punishment, but if I’m working until I have no gas left in the tank, sweating into my eyeballs with every muscle burning – you know I’m having the time of my life!


We slipped on Armour 39 bands. I have used polar heart rate monitors and a Garmin in the past, and holy moly. NOTHING compares to this bad boy. I am psyched to get my own. This workout monitor puts you through an assessment so you can find your maximum heart rate. We all know the “how to find your max HR” calculation: 220-age. This would put me in the 190’s. After doing my assessment, mine is actually 211. WAY off. Just not even 10 minutes into working with the Armour 39 monitor and it’s given me more information than any other workout gadget I’ve ever used has. Individualization is my MO, and this is going to blow the fitness world out of the water. I’ll have more info on all that later. Back to the sweat dripping into my eyeballs! Winking smile



Kasey & I sprinting – LOVE the matching shoes & ponytails!Winking smile

The first 8-10 minutes left my legs feeling a little like jello. Even when I work out alone, I push myself hard. There is just a little extra in that tank though when you’re being motivated by an awesome trainer, your fitness girls, and a killer environment. I have bottled up that “little extra” motivation and brought it home to make sure my workouts here contain that “little extra.” Open-mouthed smile


After our assessment and 1 minute 30 second ALL OUT SPRINT on the treadmills – I know, you’re saying 1 minute 30 seconds? That is NOTHING. Try it. Go 100000% and that “little extra” for 90 seconds & come back and tell me how those legs feel! – we went outdoors (MY FAVORITE!) to the turf outside of the UA Combine Training Center on a beautiful sunny day right on the harbor and got started on our circuit workouts. Like I said in my previous post, the sweaty circuit, interval, high intensity, sprints thrown in workout was right up my alley and I loved it! Ladder work (hadn’t done that since volleyball!), renegade rows, dumbbell swings (like kettle bell swings with a DB), sprints, bicycle abs, squats, rows, trx bands thrown in there, lunges, step-ups – you name it, we did it!!



Grit through it! LOVE that feeling!!!



PUSHHHH! Open-mouthed smile





We finished it off with a little sprint football catches, what a fun way to cool down!


It was amazing. We high-fived, boosted each other up, pushed each other harder than we thought we could go, it was both an individual and team effort and it reminded me how much I love being around like-minded people and being around the athletic team atmosphere. My entire life my best friends and I played sports and sweated together. I am so thankful that I still get to spend time sweating with people I am so lucky to have in my life and love sweating as much as I do!



We broke it down with an #IWILL #ProtectThisHouse and a whole lot of sweaty smiles.


Happy, sweaty face post workout. Looking at Armour 39 recap of my workout (it tells you your effort level! LOVE IT!) & sharing pictures with YOUUUU!

We then showered and ran off to a whole lot of “meetings.” These weren’t your average meetings, folks, all the Under Armour employees are AWESOME (there’s got to be something in their water!), and their future plans are out of this world. If you think they’re awesome now (which they completely are!), it’s only getting better and I am so psyched to be along for the ride! I can’t wait to share more next time!!

P.S. The AMAZING photography was done by Matt Ryb!!


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Tell me…!

  • What is YOUR favorite kind of workout?
  • Do you prefer to workout alone or with others?
  • Do you use a heart rate monitor of any kind?
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Does Your Face Glow?

Posted August 24, 2013 By electrafi

I know you’re as excited about more Under Armour details, and I promise I will continue with my Under Armour Headquarter recaps as soon as humanly possible, but there’s something that has been in the forefront of my mind recently that I want to share and hear all of your opinions on. I KNOW this is going to be a hot topic!!

So … does your face glow?

I don’t mean does your face glow because you take good care of your skin … we’ll get to that in the future. I hear so often that social media and all the gadgets used for social media isolate people. I hear so often that every ones’ heads are buried in their devices. Their cell phones, their tablets, their computers. We all know that blue glow on everyone’s face. Winking smile I want to take a second though and ask a provoking question. Is there by chance a reality that social media and our trusty devices CONNECTS us with others, especially likeminded individuals?

Take for example my recent trip to Baltimore with Under Armour. It was for social media, my cell phone, my camera, my laptop, online communities, online experiences that fostered all of it to begin with. If it wasn’t for our instant connectivity that spans miles and miles across our globe, I wouldn’t have made some of the best friends I have today. KatherineKasey, Christina, so many wonderful people have come into my life and it’s all stemmed from technology and social media.

2012-10-18 13.30.01

2012-10-18 13.31.28

2012-10-18 13.31.52

The three pictures above are of Katherine & I (well…the first one is of me flipping a tire ;-)). When the man and I took a trip out east, we visited Katherine in Maine. She is a total rockstar – powerlifter, strongmanlady competitor. She is such a great person and without the internet, I would have visited her, gotten to work out with her, flip tires & push SUV’s with her, and would have never connected with her – and if I hadn’t, I’d be missing out on the amazing friend she is!

2012-10-15 12.42.46

This picture above is myself & Christina in NYC, she lives in Toronto, Canada – a different COUNTRY than I do. We were brought together by FitFluential, the online world, our social media devices, and skype. How neat is that!

2013-08-20 16.07.14

Kasey and I are in the backseat here. Kasey and I have met in person a few times and we always say we’re sisters with different families. That is a rare friend find. Again – social media and techy tools for the win! The four of us met through FitFluential, an online fitness community you all know for which I am an ambassador. We all had the most amazing time together. One thing Heather said that stuck with me when we parted at the airport was “See you on the internet ladies!” And it wasn’t sarcastic. We will see each other on the internet, on social media sites, through using our laptops to skype, by talking on our phones or texting. We’ve become an unbreakable group with a bond that can’t be put into words. THAT was all initiated and fostered through technology. Tell me that isn’t awesome.

2013-08-23 08.25.27

Heather, Kasey & I getting out Armour 39 bands ready to play … you will definitely be hearing more about these ASAP. These things are the next big thing, let me tell you! We’re also able to use technology and our favorite blue glow to help us better our fitness levels. This is the three of us before our Under Armour workout!

2013-08-23 08.28.27

Workout + Sunshine + Amazing people + Technology = WIN!

2013-08-23 08.28.55

Tell me this isn’t all team work … sharing the UA experience with all of YOU! Without these devices … you guessed it. Another gap in communication.

And how else would I have shown you the inside of the Under Armour Brand House locker room?? I LOVE the I WILL on the walls!

2013-08-20 18.10.49

When we search for something through a hashtag, or join a community forum you enjoy, it’s like making the world a fishbowl and pulling out only those likeminded individuals. This doesn’t mean there won’t be differing opinions, but that’s actually the beauty of it all. This fosters communication, conversation, and can increase knowledge by sharing things to which you may not have previously have been exposed.

If it weren’t for this connectivity, I couldn’t have taken a screenshot of this post Under Armour Women (Instagram: @UAWomen) posted and shared it with all of you on MY instagram.

2013-08-21 09.12.36

[I am still in shock! That’s ME on UNDER ARMOUR’S Instagram. Unreal!]

With anything, there are cons. And yes, I do believe technology and our devices can hinder relationship and family time if you allow it to do so. If you’re responsible with your use of the amazing tools there are, they’re worth  it, EVERY. SINGLE. BIT. I do think there are days that it’s important to “unplug” and take time in person with those you love. That I cannot deny and I think it’s important to listen to that and prioritize it. I am very thankful though, to the social media gods for making tools that create that techy blue glow on all of our faces and bring us likeminded people together from places far and near!

^That’s me, where you’ll find me often! At my laptop, with that trusty blue glow upon my face, writing to all of you, putting together workouts, reading your comments (my favorite!), connecting.

Back to the Under Armour recap posts soon!! PROMISE! Winking smile


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Tell me…!

  • Does YOUR face glow?
  • Have you connected with others online that you couldn’t imagine your world without?
  • Do you take time to unplug?
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