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Apera Sports Bag Review & Giveaway!

Posted May 9, 2014 By electrafi

Apera’s goal is simple – to inspire all athletes. What is an athlete? There are many definitions. I personally believe Apera strives, just as I do, to inspire all individuals to move, to better themselves. Honored they should contact me, because I have absolutely the same philosophy here! There are many things that motivate us, and I personally think a new workout outfit or a spiffy new gym bag does wonders for motivation! I know ya’ll can tell me when your bag failed you, or how crappy it really is. I was at the dog park hiking with my dog a while back and my backpack strap just snapped. No warning, no more backpack. Talk about fun getting all that back to the car. This bag has been amazing. First off, as an ER nurse, I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. that it’s antimicrobial. That couldn’t make me happier. I’m all about the pink (don’t worry gents, there are manly colors too Winking smile), love the size – large but not in the way, and a million and one pockets. SO nice to keep the gymboss, the HR monitor, the watch, the workout notepad, the phone, the shoes, the outfit, the shakes, the waterbottles … all in different areas. This bag makes me look organized on the go! I’ll take it! AND the bag is waterproof. That covers any spills…dirt…you name it, Apera is on it. {Source:} Apera works to inspire healthy lifestyles. I know we can all appreciate that. They also send a bag to a Special Olympics athlete every 3 bags they sell – so they’re into helping others and giving back too. Another major plus. I am personally LOVING the Performance Duffel, but there are many, many options. There are two ways to enter Apera Giveaways: Sign up for the Apera newsletter and be entered into a drawing to win an Apera Duffle Pack: {Source:} You can also comment below telling me what you want to see more of on my site … recipes, workouts, family/lifestyle, reviews or any other suggestions for a chance to win a Sprint Pack: {Source:} Good Luck!! A winner will be drawn using next Tuesday, May 13th. You can find more from Apera here: Apera FB Page & Apera Twitter. ————— // Subscribe to ElectraFi // Instagram // Twitter // Youtube // Pinterest // // Email Me // // ————— Tell me…

  • TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY, TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE MORE OF HERE: recipes, workouts, family/lifestyle, reviews or any other suggestions. GOOD LUCK!
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Pickled Peppered Turkey Recipe + Winner

Posted September 27, 2013 By electrafi

With no further a’do, the winner of the Sports Bra Giveaway is ….

Kerri Olkjer! (For following @UAWomen on Instagram) Congratulations!

Please email me at with your preferred bra, bra size (cup and band and S/M/L/XL), address and excitement! Open-mouthed smile


Peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers…. Winking smile

Who else did all those silly tongue twisters when they were younger? That’s exactly what I think of when I say Pickled, Peppered Turkey!

Some of the best recipes I’ve come up with were recipes with odd combination ingredients put together when I was missing ingredients for one of my go-to recipes. I was missing my usual zucchini or celery that I add to ground turkey. What did that lead me to find out? Sweet peppers, pickles, and spicy mustard flavors REALLY, really complement each other! Accidental awesome anyone??

Pickled Peppered Turkey

Makes four servings:


  • 16 oz ground turkey (I use 93% lean)
  • 1 whole egg
  • 2-4 tbsp spicy mustard
  • 2 tbsp mustard
  • Spices to taste: Sea-Salt, Pepper, White Pepper, Dill, Italian Seasoning Blend, Dried onions
  • 2 pickles
  • 4 mini sweet peppers
  • Non-stick spray or oil


  1. Mix ground turkey, egg, spicy mustard, mustard, spices together.
  2. Cut up pickles & sweet peppers.
  3. Add pickles & peppers to ground turkey mix.
  4. Spray or oil pan and put mixture into pan on medium high heat.
  5. Cook until browned.
  6. Makes four 4-oz servings.
  7. Serve with sides (Pictured here with green bean “fries” and a sweet potato with coconut oil.)

Note – Cooking covered with a lid leads to meat that is slightly more moist, cooking uncovered leads to meat that is slightly more browned. I personally prefer cooking this recipe uncovered!


I’d LOVE it if you’d join me here too…

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So tell me…!

  • What is your favorite ground meat?
  • What are some odd flavor combinations you’ve tried and really liked?
  • What #accidentallyawesome food combinations have you come up with?
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Best Sports Bra

Posted September 15, 2013 By electrafi

Ready to talk boobies? First I just want to tell you quickly how proud I am of all of you that are killing the workouts I’ve been posting here but mainly on Instagram. I am honored you let me into your lives and homes and gyms and work so hard at these quick and sweaty workouts. Keep rockin’ it, september is just a warm-up. I’ve got some AMAZING stuff in the works for october with tons of goodies for all of you – you’re going to love it!!

I posted a shout-out to a few rockstars who have been giving it their all. I am proud of each and every one of you. Keep doing your best! Open-mouthed smile


Let’s talk about the tatas. Let’s talk about them bouncing. And let’s talk about how it’s so hard to find a sports bra that gives you the right support, no matter what size you are.

Through my years of playing competitive sports and working out, I have tried many-a-sports bra. Heck, my teammates and I in high school used to compare sweat marks on our sports bras to decide how hard we worked that day. I’ve talked about sports bras with many ladies at many different stages of life doing many different workouts. What comes up in every conversation? It’s so hard to find a bra that’s cute AND holds the ladies in. It doesn’t matter if you’re barely an A, somewhere in the middle, or tipping over the D sizes, you HAVE to support the ladies. Working out does SO many good things for your body, your health, and your life. Working out also puts stress on the tatas. And supporting them is MAJORLY essential if you don’t want to have to support them even more as time goes on, if you catch my drift. Winking smile

While I was in Baltimore at Under Armour headquarters, I was lucky enough to meet the lady behind the bras. Holy moly, she is awesome. She’s totally gorgeous, fashionable and gets that us women love cute bras, but she doesn’t care how cute a bra is if it doesn’t function as well. She said our tatas health is her MO. I can get on board with that. She explained that every style bra she makes is made specifically for a type of movement, there is low-impact, mid-impact, and high-impact. She was adamant that low-impact sports bras are ONLY for yoga, pilates and sleeping, no matter how small you think you might be. I’ve been wearing a lot of low-impact style bras for plyos. EEK! That has stopped. She said mid-impact is for lifting, group classes, and high-impact is for running, jumping, plyometrics. We can all guess which levels I should wear – I LOVE my plyometrics. Which level should you be wearing? Even though you know a certain brand has quality bras, that doesn’t mean you know which style, cut, or cup style is best for you (I didn’t!).

That’s where The Sports Bra Quiz comes in.

I took the quiz a couple times, because I wish they had more options for the type of exercise you do (ie: plyos/circuit/cross-training option) – but I found that I fall into a mid-impact or high-impact sports bra, depending on my exercise for the day. Two of my favorite sports bras are the mid-impact that I’m wearing here during my Under Armour Workout:


It’s called the HeatGear Sonic Bra – who else loves that bright lime color? The other is the Armour Bra or Armour Protegee Bra. I tried the Armour Protegee bra (which is Miss Kelly O’s favorite bra in the world) for the first time at the headquarters, and to be completely honest with all of you, I saw the bra and was like NO. WAY. Zip up front? For working out? Um. Not a fan. At all. Ick. But fine, I’ll try it. I’ll be a good sport.

Then I wore it to work out in.

Then I decided it’s majorly awesome. And then decided I need not judge a sports bra by its cover. Both the armour bra and the armour protegee bra lift the tatas up, no smashing noted <—thank goodness hm?

Sometimes my ladies get sore after working out if I’ve done a lot of high-impact plyometrics or sprints – anyone else? <—hope I’m not the only one! I put these two high-impact bras through the ringer and back, and my ladies felt like I was taking a walk in the park. Are they the cutest bras in the whole world? No, but they’re classic and THEY WORK. When I’m looking for a little more fashionable workout spunk, I turn down the plyos a touch, and wear my HeatGear Sonic mid-impact that comes in tons of prints and colors.

P.S. I’m always transparent & honest: My friends at Under Armour sent me a bra free of charge. Don’t you worry – all opinions are my own – I have a very firm disclosure policy and I never work with anyone or share anything with you that I don’t believe in 100%. Promise!!


My friends at Under Armour love all my readers so much that they want to give the chance to win a sports bra OF YOUR CHOICE to one of you! Now that’s what I’m talking about. I know that’ll light a fire under your behinds to go take that quiz – it’s super short – only three clicks!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(P.S. Don’t forget to come visit me every day this week and tweet about the giveaway… you’ll get an extra chance to win! Yippeeee!)

This giveaway starts on Sunday, September 15th and will end at midnight CST on Friday, September 20th. A winner will be announced the week of Monday, September 23rd. There will only be one winner. The winner will have 48 hours to contact me with their style selection, size and shipping information, otherwise I reserve the right to pick a new winner.


I’d LOVE it if you’d join me here too so you don’t miss a thing…

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Hashtags where you’ll find me: #electrafiarmy #sweatitout #electrafiyourlife #sweatscore #livebright


So Tell Me…!

  • Obviously comment with your entries because who doesn’t want a killer free sports bra of their choice? Winking smile
  • What are your favorite sports bras – any brand? I’m curious!
  • What tata issues do you have while working out?
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Dream Come True Fitness Shopping Spree

Posted July 6, 2012 By electrafi

Fitness = Fun

Shopping = Fun

Killer Workout Clothes = Fun

Fitness Shopping Spree for $500 of Workout Clothes!?!?!?! = Priceless Winking smile

You all know how I love DA Active Workout Clothes …

Because of them I am now a Workout Clothes Convert. Their stuff is CUTE CUTE CUTE, super functional, and way comfy. It sucks you in and keeps your shape, and doesn’t wear out at all, even after using it on the HOTTEST sanitize washing cycle day in and day out! I have met up and hung out with Alex from DA Active a few times, and she is a total rockstar! These workout clothes are lululemon style and quality, without the insane pricetag. Definitely a must-have now in my fitness wardrobe.

Here is me in two different workouts in my bright green DA Active tank – one of my favs from their line!

And the bright green jacket to go with the tank! Winking smile

(All above pics from my instagram – @vblean!)

And now … drumroll….. SHOPPING SPREE TIME!!! Open-mouthed smile

Click the Above Picture to take you to the Shopping Spree Contest Link, and all you have to do is answer a few quick questions and put in your name and BOOM! You’re entered! I even entered, ‘cause what fitness chick wouldn’t love this contest!? …. Shhhhhh! Smile with tongue out

GO GO GO! Get yourself some killer workout clothes!

I definitely think that most people have an M-O about their workout clothes – some people only wear pants, some people won’t wear anything that covers their shoulders, etc. I wear both pants, shorts, capris, and spandex on the bottom (some funky socks when I’m wearing shorts are a MUST!) but cannot hardly EVER wear T-shirts, unless I’m doing spin class which happens only once in a blue moon. I am a tank top girl all the way – can’t stand the material over my shoulders and in my arm pits getting in the way of my workout. Seems silly but it’s what works for me. I can’t wait to hear what all of you tend to wear for your sweat sessions most of the time. Have a killer day today, rockstars!


Coffee Talk!

Do you own any DA Active?

What do you workout in? Pants? Shorts? Tank top? T-shirt?

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Story of the Lost Eyebrow + Giveaway Winner!

Posted February 23, 2012 By electrafi

I know you all want to hear who won the two About Time Shakers … but first, let’s talk eyebrows! Winking smile

I’ve always had decent eyebrows, no Frida Kahlo brows here (PHEW!)


But I did decide that it might be time for an upgrade for

my before brows…


And after getting them done for the FIRST time in my entire life, here’s the result!


Subtle but rockin’. I’m loving the new brows, I feel they’re subtle enough not to look overdone but help frame my face.

Although I am all about the hardcore, strong, rockin’ female, it’s still nice to be girly sometimes! Open-mouthed smile

Funny story related to my ‘brows … about 2 years ago I lost one of them. Lost an eyebrow you ask?! How is that POSSIBLE!? Only me. Only me. Hah. I had to get injections into where my one eyebrow should have been for over 6 months to decrease inflammation to allow my eyebrow hair to grow back. Thank goodness it did and I now have the luxury of taking them to a spa to get groomed!


And now, after putting everyone into a random number generator, the two Official Winners of the About Time Protein Shaker Giveaway are #1 & #6. This means Brittany @ GoTheXtraMile & Donnie Flaherty are the two winners! Please email me at with your address so we can get your shakers out asap! Open-mouthed smile Congratulations!


Coffee Talk!

What are your favorite girly things to do?

I want to hear YOUR funny stories about your beauty blunders!

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Long Lost Egg Puffs + Giveaway

Posted February 18, 2012 By electrafi

Today was just about as far off the Sweat Score chart as you can get! A combination of plyos, leg press, lunges, deadlifts, stairmaster, and you’ll be SWEAT-Y! That being said, today’s workout was most definitely a Sweat Score of 10+/10!


I knew something had been lacking in my life lately but I couldn’t quite figure out what it was …


The uber-popular EGG PUFFS! But Of Course! How could I forget about these delightful things??

Today’s breakfast included three flavors: plain, cinnamon & stevia, and cocoa!

The oven turned these uncooked blobs…



Into golden, delicious morsels of egg whites!



I’m so happy they’re back in my life. And definitely here to stay for a while! Open-mouthed smile

Anyone else go through food staples in cycles?

I also nommed on some chicken as I made these!

The rest of my day consisted of running a bunch of errands and eating some clean shirataki mac & cheese!

Recipe to come, I promise! It’s a protein and fiber packed, totally clean meal. YUMM!


I figured since you have all been so darn wonderful to me lately, especially in regards to my Fueling Some Muscle Growth post, I think it’s time for a Giveaway!!! We all know how great About Time Protein Powder is. Lucky for me, I got to check out their new shaker.


Freshly washed!


With a fun grate-like clump-preventer instead of the wire ball.

To be totally honest, I prefer the wire balls that the blender bottles provide, but this is perfect to have when you can’t be making a racket by shaking up that wire ball in the shaker!

Lucky for YOU, TWO readers will get an About Time Protein Shaker sent to their doorstep!

All you have to do to be in the running is head on over to the About Time FB page, tell them I sent you, and comment here saying you did so. That’s it!


Coffee Talk!

  • What did your workout consist of today?
  • Do you go through food staples in cycles?
  • Do you prefer wire balls or grates in your protein shaker to prevent clumps?
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My First WIAW + Giveaway Winner!

Posted February 8, 2012 By electrafi

Post workout pictures, WIAW, Giveaway winner! I’m a busy blogger today!


First things first!

Pictures from (nope, not today … sense a theme? Winking smile) Sunday post shoulder workout!


BAM! Delts galore!


Build those muscles!!


After being asked more times than I can count, I am finally doing my first WIAW post!

Majorly exciting. Thanks for hosting WIAW Jen!

My first WIAW post is going to be a “What I’ve eaten lately” post. Here are some eats that I have devoured in the last few days!


None other than my favorite Frozen Hot Chocolate Protein Shake Soft Serve! Open-mouthed smile



0% Greek yogurt, Whey Crisps, Chia Seeds & Oats! YUMM-O!

+ Watermelon BCAA’s in the background!


Chicken and more chicken and lettuce with a side of hummus!


Egg whites + Artichokes + Baba Ghannouj (Oasis is the best brand of Baba hands down!)


Homemade oatmeal raisin protein bars!


Oatmeal with some delectable toppings!

Yes … those eats were darn good.


BUT I also know that you’re all waiting to hear who the lucky, lucky winner is of the Celestial Seasonings Care Package Giveaway!!! A bunch of different tea, honey sticks, lip gloss, the cutest Celestial Seasonings mug … whoever wins is making out like a banshee!


Thank you Celestial Seasonings for being a part of this! Your company rocks!

Using a random numbers generator…

The numbers generated by this widget come from RANDOM.ORG’s true random number generator.

Results = 16. Congratulations Julie! You won that dragon mug you have always wanted and all of the other fun that comes along with it! Email me at so I can send Noel your address and get your care package out to you asap to enjoy! Open-mouthed smile

If you didn’t win this one, don’t fret … because VBL has a TON in the works, including a few more giveaways that will be going on in the VERY, VERY, VERY near future! Stay tuned so you don’t miss more of the fun!


Coffee Talk!

Have you ever won a contest or giveaway? I want to hear about it! Especially if it was a car or house or the lotto! Smile with tongue out

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    Who loves tea? Who loves GIVEAWAYS!?

    Posted February 4, 2012 By electrafi

    Today started off with an amazing LEG DAY! WOOO!!

    You all know that’s one of my favorite days to lift. Open-mouthed smile Sweat Score = 9/10!



    This week has been a fun week for my mail box and taste buds!

    And is going to be a really fun week for YOU since there might just be a #giveaway at the end of this post! Winking smile

    As if the cutest care package complements of Celestial Seasonings Tea wasn’t enough…


    Noel of Celestial Seasonings Teas sent a personalized, hand written note.


    Talk about true customer service and authenticity.

    I didn’t think I could be a bigger fan of Celestial Seasonings Teas (Everyone knows how much I’ve been LOVING their Holiday Flavors!) but I think I may have just come to love their company even more!







    I can’t wait to try all of the fun flavors! And who doesn’t LOVE chapstick … tea flavored chapstick!?


    This is one of my favorite characteristics of their company … the fact that they save more than 3.5 million lbs of waste from landfills by not putting strings and tags on each individual bag.

    Who ISN’T a huge fan of Celestial Seasoning’s Teas?

    • They care about the environment.
    • Their teas taste amazing.
    • Their teas are a great addition to your healthy lifestyle.
    • Their teas promote wellness.
    • They send the cutest care packages!

    Since all of you were SO excited to go out and find their holiday flavored teas after I wrote about it in one of my what I’ve been loving lately posts, the wonderful people from Celestial Seasoning’s are so kind to offer a giveaway and an equally as awesome care package for one of my amazing readers (yep, I brag about you guys ALLLL the time!). I hope all of you enter! I will pick a winner on Wednesday 2/8/12!

    Ready to enter???

    Mandatory entries:

    Leave me two comments for the two mandatory entries!

    Additional entries:

    Leave me a comment for each one of the extras you do!



    Coffee Talk!

    • Coffee or Tea?
    • Who else loves hand-written notes?
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