When you decide to take the plunge and jump in as a member of one of my challenge groups … YOUR. LIFE. CHANGED. 


What YOU get:

  • 24/7 Coaching (I am available by text, phone, email, social media. You name it, I am here for YOU.)
  • Daily Workouts (No gym required! No equipment required for many groups, minimal equipment needed for some – I will specify!)
  • Grocery Lists & Recipes
  • A Meal Plan
  • Online Support and Motivation
  • Shakeology (Healthiest Meal of the Day!)
  • Personal Development

There’s no title for what I do. The generic is “online health & nutrition coach.” I am a motivator, positive thinker, happiness maker, financial freedom spreader, accountability coach, you name it. And I LOVE it. Online coaching and helping YOU = MY PASSION. <3

My online challenge groups teach YOU how to be PASSIONATELY BALANCED.

What is passionately balanced, you ask?

  • Healthy [Free of Disease or Disease Signs & Symptoms]
  • Happy with a Positive Outlook
  • Comfortable in Your Own Skin [Reaching Your Goals for Your Body]
  • Feeling GOOD [Physically Having Energy, Emotionally, Mentally]
  • Motivated to Make This a LIFESTYLE change!

“Everyone has a starting place. And everyone makes a goal to be better. We’re all a work in progress, right? Nobody is perfect. We’re real people with real jobs and real lives. Ask for more of yourself. Don’t ask for less.” – Chalene Johnson

I cannot wait to have you as a part of one of my groups!


I LOVE empowering YOU to change your life, your health, and watch your happiness and comfort in your own skin skyrocket!

Accountability Success Group Options:

21 Day Fix Challenge Group

PiYo Challenge Group

7 Day Shakeology Challenge

30 Day Accountability Success Group Challenge – Pick Your Workout

Healthcare/Shift Worker ONLY Success Group

Contact me ASAP to save your spot in my upcoming group!

  • Electra Liontis
  • Phone number available upon signing up for my success group!


  1. Comment by Staci Peterson:

    I was guided to your blog by pbfinger blog and I LOVE your spunk and it is just what I need to get my butt going. I am excited to join your upcoming group and look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you.

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