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Happy Birthday Kelly Olexa!

I’ve talked about being a FitFluential Ambassador before, I tweet with the #fitfluential tag often, and all of you know GNC & Fitfluential sent me to the Arnold Sports Festival in early March this year. Here are all of the Arnold Posts in case you missed them! (There’s a lot of Kelly Olexa in there! […]

What I Ate Arnold Style!

Although the Arnold Sports Festival weekend is ALL about fitness, nutrition, health, and sports, it can be so easy for your nutrition to de-rail when you’re out of town, on-the-go, and busy! We’ve talked before about how it is possible to eat clean pretty much ANYWHERE you go. I contemplated packing a giant cooler as […]

Nothing Short of Amazing!

The entire Arnold weekend was amazing, and day three was nothing short of just that! There were less people which was nice, and a lot more time to talk with different people and companies, as well as check out some of the strongman competitions. Finally the Media Pass debuts on the blog! I can’t thank […]

Arnold Day Three! Goofing Around!

Off to Day Three! My boyfriend and I goofing around before we head to the final day of the Arnold Sports Festival! More goofing around! Ready to GO! Can’t wait to update you more later! Have an amazing Sunday! *** Coffee Talk! What did YOU do this weekend?? How do you goof around?

Green Striped Knee Wraps!

Day Two of the Arnold continued with more of the Expo and a bunch of shows & competitions. MADHOUSE! It was shoulder to shoulder all day long. Thank goodness my hulk of a boyfriend walked in front of me and parted the seas so we could get through the crowds! Media Pass = Front row […]

FitFluential Breakfast at the Arnold

Day Two at the Arnold’s started with an amazing breakfast with FitFluential and GNC! It’s so amazing to meet people in person that you talk to online and whose blogs you read. It’s so wonderful to put those online personalities to a real person! Heidi, Lisa, Kelly, Me, Sahar & Jana. Chris from GNC, Heidi, […]

We Spotted The REAL ARNOLD!

GNC’s booth at the Arnold was ROCKIN’! You had to pick that up with one hand, pick up the awkward weight in the left bottom corner, and squeeze a 280lb hand squeezer to win. GNC had some hardcore fun goin’ on! This above picture reminded me of GoTheXtraMile’s review of the GNC blender! GNC Swaggg! […]

Arnold & The People!

So much about what makes these amazing events so wonderful are the PEOPLE! There will be many posts recapping the events, the expo and such, but I just wanted to touch with a quick post on what amazing people you come across. It’s an honor to be in a venue with so many people that […]

GNC and Fitfluential–The Perfect Pair!

As you all know, I’m here at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio. GNC and FitFluential have been absolutely AMAZING and I am HONORED to have this opportunity to Attend and cover the Arnold! Source Source ***NEWS FLASH!!!*** I may be able to interview some of the pros!!! If so … what do YOU […]

Arnold Here I Come!

We officially made it to Columbus! Arnold Sports Festival here we come! As FitFluential Ambassadors, we get to do some really cool things. I will be keeping all of you updated with pictures and posts here, as well as on FB & Twitter this weekend! Source Check the crazy Expo out! If there’s anyone you […]