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Abs and Burpees

By golly, shame on me. I owe you all updates on top of updates on top of recipes on top of workouts. Let’s get caught up, shall we? Starting a new ER nursing job on top of just getting home from our road trip out east for fitness stuff on top of leaving for another […]

Fitness Chicks and Tire Flips

You all know I’m a glutton for punishment. The harder the workout, the better. The sweatier the workout, the better. Most people hate burpees. They’ve got to be one of my favorite exercises invented. I want the workout to give me its best go, because I’m going to give it all I’ve got. Go heavy? […]

Do It Because You Love It

Happy Motivational Monday everyone! I started my day off on the right foot with a sweat session and clean eats. Mondays don’t need to be a drag, because remember, every second is the perfect time to change. Every second is the perfect second to decide you’re going to make choices that push you towards your […]

Fit It In Anywhere Anytime Workout

We all made it to Friday, beLEANers! Any fun weekend plans? I got my ATT!!! What is my ATT you ask?! Approval to Test!!!! NCLEX (Nursing State Board Exam) here I come ASAP!!!!!! I will let you know as soon as I take it, finish it, and pass! YAHOO! Most of the workouts I share […]

Playground Workout

Happy Hump Day beLEANers! You’re halfway through the week! Now that we’ve done a Picnic Bench Workout, what better to follow that up with than a Playground Workout!?! ^From my Instagram (@vblean) <Follow me! Who said playgrounds are just for kids? I say they’re for anyone who wants a sweaty, high intensity workout to kick […]

Get It Anywhere Tabata Workout

We’re makin’ it TUESDAY TABATA, TIGERS! As I mentioned before, I am going to be putting together and ROCKIN’ some workout videos for all of you! I have gotten so many requests to do videos and write out workouts I do on a regular basis so guess what!? The wait is over!!! Source (@vblean Instagram) […]

Talkin’ Tabata!

We all know I’m a major fan of Tabata training. I incorporate it into my workouts all the time, in all different ways. Let me introduce to you one of my all-time-favorite ways of kicking my own butt! That picture is from a crazy Tabata workout I did in December! Tabata = Crazy Sweat Score […]

Ever Use Fancy Super Glue?

When you get a fantastoramic new blender… To make super delicious protein shakes… Remember when you wash these wicked blades… That they’re very sharp! Who would have thought hm? Luckily nothing some fancy super glue can’t handle… Even if it does burn like a REALLY BAD WORD… (that might have been uttered during the process, […]