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Favorite Workout Style

Do you know about the Sports Bra Giveaway I have going on that ends tonight? Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win a free sports bra OF YOUR CHOICE from Under Armour! ————— You all know I LOVE quick and sweaty workouts! Quick, intense, sweaty, and I’m ALL over it. Do you prefer […]

Quick Sweaty Labor Day Workout

One of the things I’ve learned best from being an ER nurse, working crazy hours, having family & house responsibilities, having a website, working in the fitness industry all at the same time is how to fit in a good, quick sweat most days and how it’s one of the best things you can do […]

A Little Friendly Competition

Everyone gets their motivation from somewhere different. Some people are competitive, some aren’t so much. Me? Competitive. Competitive. Competitive. I can still have fun doing things I’m not super great at, but with some things I just LOVE pushing myself past my limits. It’s more of a competitive me vs me thing I’ve got a’goin’ […]

Kick It Up A Notch!

AHH I got an a phone call with AMAZING news at the end of the week! For right now, it’s lips sealed but as soon as I can, I cannnnnot wait to share it with all of you! You all know I’ve been rocking Operation Lean Out by transitioning into a Fat Loss Focus and […]

Do It Because You Love It

Happy Motivational Monday everyone! I started my day off on the right foot with a sweat session and clean eats. Mondays don’t need to be a drag, because remember, every second is the perfect time to change. Every second is the perfect second to decide you’re going to make choices that push you towards your […]

2012 Challenge Crazy!

AHH! Post # 100! WOO HOO! The New Year always is a time to bring new resolutions, and desires to change our behaviors. Source 2012 is bringing multiple challenges throughout the fitness and nutrition industry as well as the blog world that would be perfect catalysts to your new journey. Here are some that I […]

Week Three Challenge–H2O BABY!

I am so happy to hear how all of you did over the Thanksgiving week! What an accomplishment. It’s not easy with pressure from family and loved ones, but it’s absolutely, positively possible. And I KNOW I feel a million times better doing my thing than caving into pressure and then feeling physically crappy and […]

Holiday Accountability Week One Challenge Kick Off!

Happy Motivational Monday Morning my VBL’ers! It is the official KICK OFF of the Holiday Accountability Challenge! We are kicking off week one today! Source I am pumped you’ve all been on board for this challenge since my Getting on those Goals post about two weeks back. I am looking forward to making this a […]

Getting on those Goals!

Happy November! 11/1/11. What a fun date! I think this calls for some goals, what do you say? [BY THE WAY … SUPER important question at the end of the post – I’d LOVE your input!] One thing that baffles me every. single. year. when March or April comes around is that the “get your […]

What is Fear? Nothing YOU Can’t Overcome!

I LOVE my morning weekend workouts for many reasons. One is that the gym is super quiet at the crack of dawn on the weekends. GO dedication and commitment! And yes, that means I still try to get to sleep at a decent time on the weekend evenings (and in the off chance I don’t, […]