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Pink Stronger RX Gloves

You all know how I’ve been having a tough time finding workout gloves that can handle a beating. Here was my post from 3 months ago on instagram: Here’s what I said: “Really?? Again?? Gloves torn to pieces for a third time? Fourth time? Training mean has its consequences for fit gear. On the hunt […]

Our Story Was Suspect

My story was suspect wasn’t it? Lots of build up – Operation Lean anyone? Christina, The Athletarian, and I then just happened to be in NYC on the same three days out of the 365 days of 2012. And we just happened to workout together. And we just happened to workout at a killer facility […]

Abs and Burpees

By golly, shame on me. I owe you all updates on top of updates on top of recipes on top of workouts. Let’s get caught up, shall we? Starting a new ER nursing job on top of just getting home from our road trip out east for fitness stuff on top of leaving for another […]

Fitness Chicks and Tire Flips

You all know I’m a glutton for punishment. The harder the workout, the better. The sweatier the workout, the better. Most people hate burpees. They’ve got to be one of my favorite exercises invented. I want the workout to give me its best go, because I’m going to give it all I’ve got. Go heavy? […]

Keep It Clean & Sweaty

How did I keep it clean (food) and sweaty (me) while we drove around the country for about a week? Well, let’s get to the down and dirty (or clean ) and chat a bit! Keeping it clean really comes down to being willing to make it work but be able to compromise a bit. […]

The City That Never Sleeps

Boyyyy, do we have some CATCHING UP to do. As many of you may have noticed via my Instagram, Twitter & FB posts, last week consisted of a road trip. NYC, east coast driving, and a few stops along the way. Could the trip have been any better? Highly doubt it. The man and I […]

Listening to Your Body

All of you know I have been ROCKIN’ Operation Lean in preparation for some awesomeness going on this thursday and this upcoming weekend. Can’t wait till I can tell you all about it! I have been killin’ it at the gym and in the kitchen. I want to remind all of you though that no […]

CrossFit Knows What’s Up!

I have incorporated crossfit workouts and crossfit style workouts into my fitness routine for about two years now. You all know I am a major sucker for high intensity and hardcore workouts. I mean I seriously LOVE them! Call me a glutton for punishment, but CrossFit knows what’s up! Although I am very familiar and […]

Do It Because You Love It

Happy Motivational Monday everyone! I started my day off on the right foot with a sweat session and clean eats. Mondays don’t need to be a drag, because remember, every second is the perfect time to change. Every second is the perfect second to decide you’re going to make choices that push you towards your […]

I LOVE My Ultimate Sandbag!

Hope you got to enjoy your last few days! We went on a mini road trip and had SUCH a good time! Beautiful views, 80’s music, and the company of my man? What could be better?? Today started with some delicious ProSculpt over ice! YUM! Followed by a killer, sweaty workout. Here’s my #PROOF! ^IG […]