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Train To Be Ready For Anything

I’m always transparent & honest: The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Soldier of Steel™. Don’t you worry – all opinions are my own – I have a very firm disclosure policy and I never work with anyone or share anything with you that I don’t believe in 100%. Promise! ** […]

Look Into The Mirror

Would you ever tell your best friend that she’s fat? Would you ever tell your best friend that she’s ugly? Would you even tell an acquaintance either of those things? No. No you wouldn’t. So why, oh why, do you tell yourself all of those awful, terrible things? Look into the mirror. What do you […]

Re-Lighting My Fire

[P.S. (Can I start a post with a P.S.? ) This post may make more sense after reading these: What’s Beautiful? I Learned the Hard Way. What’s Beautiful? Loving Yourself.] Another way awesome and completely unexpected thing for me through participating in the Under Armour What’s Beautiful campaign is that it’s re-lighting a fire within […]

What’s Beautiful? Loving Yourself.

BAM! This post is a must read. It’s long. It’s important. It’s one of the most important posts I have EVER written. I have written many posts embodying these three main concepts: Promoting self love Embracing balance Fighting back against deprivation (I will do a post round up in the near future!) I have learned […]

What’s Beautiful?

What’s Beautiful? The answer to that question is different to each and every one of us. The media promotes a version of beautiful that I don’t always agree with. Actually, I more often than not DON’T agree with it. The all-too-popular “thin-spiration” trend online promotes a “skinny-is-beautiful” message. Do I agree with this? No. Am […]

Sweat, Mud, and Pretty Girls!

You all know how I LOVE to sweat. I love the intense workouts that lead to a sweaty mess, I love to actually sweat as well. Starting my day with an early morning sweat always makes me happy! Sweat Score?? 10+? Yes. Please. Bring it on! When I played soccer I was the one on […]

Are You Up for the Challenge Workout

Today there are two special birthdays in the FitFluential blogger world, Happy Birthday Carla & Bex! Today we’re talking about birthdays and workouts, because who doesn’t want to rock a killer workout on their birthday? I present to you my newest (and TOUGHEST) workout! Drumroll…… Are YOU Up for the Challenge Workout! I am challenging […]


I am so glad you all loved that I shared my daily meal plan. There was so much amazing feedback about how much it helped you all, which makes my day. This is why Vanilla Bean Lean exists. I want you to know that YOU can reach your goals, and I will help you get […]

Fit It In Anywhere Anytime Workout

We all made it to Friday, beLEANers! Any fun weekend plans? I got my ATT!!! What is my ATT you ask?! Approval to Test!!!! NCLEX (Nursing State Board Exam) here I come ASAP!!!!!! I will let you know as soon as I take it, finish it, and pass! YAHOO! Most of the workouts I share […]

Playground Workout

Happy Hump Day beLEANers! You’re halfway through the week! Now that we’ve done a Picnic Bench Workout, what better to follow that up with than a Playground Workout!?! ^From my Instagram (@vblean) <Follow me! Who said playgrounds are just for kids? I say they’re for anyone who wants a sweaty, high intensity workout to kick […]