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The Number 100 & the Time We Have

100 Squats. 100 Kettlebell Swings. 100 Repetitions of an exercise of your choice. What is it? you ask. A warm-up? Can’t be a workout, can it? 100 years of age. I don’t get it? you say. ————— I’ve mentioned, as of late, my career (nursing) has been taking a lot of my time. Luckily, by […]

Favorite Workout Style

Do you know about the Sports Bra Giveaway I have going on that ends tonight? Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win a free sports bra OF YOUR CHOICE from Under Armour! ————— You all know I LOVE quick and sweaty workouts! Quick, intense, sweaty, and I’m ALL over it. Do you prefer […]

Quick Sweaty Labor Day Workout

One of the things I’ve learned best from being an ER nurse, working crazy hours, having family & house responsibilities, having a website, working in the fitness industry all at the same time is how to fit in a good, quick sweat most days and how it’s one of the best things you can do […]

Train To Be Ready For Anything

I’m always transparent & honest: The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Soldier of Steel™. Don’t you worry – all opinions are my own – I have a very firm disclosure policy and I never work with anyone or share anything with you that I don’t believe in 100%. Promise! ** […]

Our Story Was Suspect

My story was suspect wasn’t it? Lots of build up – Operation Lean anyone? Christina, The Athletarian, and I then just happened to be in NYC on the same three days out of the 365 days of 2012. And we just happened to workout together. And we just happened to workout at a killer facility […]

A Little Friendly Competition

Everyone gets their motivation from somewhere different. Some people are competitive, some aren’t so much. Me? Competitive. Competitive. Competitive. I can still have fun doing things I’m not super great at, but with some things I just LOVE pushing myself past my limits. It’s more of a competitive me vs me thing I’ve got a’goin’ […]

Keep It Clean & Sweaty

How did I keep it clean (food) and sweaty (me) while we drove around the country for about a week? Well, let’s get to the down and dirty (or clean ) and chat a bit! Keeping it clean really comes down to being willing to make it work but be able to compromise a bit. […]

The City That Never Sleeps

Boyyyy, do we have some CATCHING UP to do. As many of you may have noticed via my Instagram, Twitter & FB posts, last week consisted of a road trip. NYC, east coast driving, and a few stops along the way. Could the trip have been any better? Highly doubt it. The man and I […]

“Don’t Have Time” is the Grown-Up version of “The Dog Ate My Homework.”

One of the biggest things I hear when people are talking to me about their obstacles with a fitness and clean eating lifestyle is the fact that they “don’t have enough time!” Not enough time to prep food, not enough time to workout … Let me tell you – you have time. If you want […]

Kick It Up A Notch!

AHH I got an a phone call with AMAZING news at the end of the week! For right now, it’s lips sealed but as soon as I can, I cannnnnot wait to share it with all of you! You all know I’ve been rocking Operation Lean Out by transitioning into a Fat Loss Focus and […]