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REM-Fit Sleep Enhancement Review

(I have a firm disclosure policy. REM-Fit (connection through FitFluential) sent me this awesome sleep enhancing package at no cost. Every single opinion in this post is all my own.) ——————– We all know that health encompasses a multitude of different things, all pieces of a puzzle fitting together to make the healthiest you. I […]

Quick Sweaty Labor Day Workout

One of the things I’ve learned best from being an ER nurse, working crazy hours, having family & house responsibilities, having a website, working in the fitness industry all at the same time is how to fit in a good, quick sweat most days and how it’s one of the best things you can do […]

Under Armour Workout

Going into the amazing trip at Under Armour headquarters (If you haven’t read that post – start there!), I had no idea what to expect. The one thing I DID know was that we were scheduled for a workout first thing when we got there. THAT I was excited about. Under Armour has an awesome training […]


My assumption is that all of you perceptive people have realized that my site has changed. Change can be hard, but is so necessary sometimes, and this change is good! Promise!! I hearby announce that  ElectraFi is here! I have written about my story, the real story behind Electra. The story of learning to love myself one […]

Fitness Chicks and Tire Flips

You all know I’m a glutton for punishment. The harder the workout, the better. The sweatier the workout, the better. Most people hate burpees. They’ve got to be one of my favorite exercises invented. I want the workout to give me its best go, because I’m going to give it all I’ve got. Go heavy? […]

Pretty Muddy Obstacle Run Recap

I talked about how sweat, mud, and pretty are three of my favorite things …and luckily, the Pretty Muddy Mud Run wrapped all three up into a fun obstacle run package for me! All “pretty”d up and ready to get muddy! What to wear to a mud run you ask? I kept it long – […]

Sweat, Mud, and Pretty Girls!

You all know how I LOVE to sweat. I love the intense workouts that lead to a sweaty mess, I love to actually sweat as well. Starting my day with an early morning sweat always makes me happy! Sweat Score?? 10+? Yes. Please. Bring it on! When I played soccer I was the one on […]

Sweaty Shoulder Circuit

Who else LOOOOVES circuits!?! And who else LOOOVES lifting shoulders? I knew those would both be a yes! I have another circuit workout for all of you to smash today, and today we’re working those shoulders! ^Look at those killer shoulders she’s got! Source Ladies, when they talk about the coveted HOURGLASS FIGURE, they mean […]

Killer Back Workout

I’m so excited that you have all been LOVING the Summer Workout Video Series! I am psyched by all your comments and desire to rock these workouts! I know that together we’re going to reach all of our goals. Thank you all for taking part in this with me, I’m so honored to be able […]

Do you LOVE or Loathe the Sweat?

There’s not a high enough number on the Sweat Score scale for the last few workouts I’ve done. When your KNEES are sweating gigantic sweat stains through your pants and you’re dripping puddles onto the Stair-mill, you’re well over the 1-10 scale! But staying technical … Saturday Sweat Score = 10+/10 baby! Sunday Sweat Score […]