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Pickled Peppered Turkey Recipe + Winner

With no further a’do, the winner of the Sports Bra Giveaway is …. Kerri Olkjer! (For following @UAWomen on Instagram) Congratulations! Please email me at electraliontis@gmail.com with your preferred bra, bra size (cup and band and S/M/L/XL), address and excitement! ————– Peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers…. Who else did all those silly tongue […]

Under Armour Workout

Going into the amazing trip at Under Armour headquarters (If you haven’t read that post – start there!), I had no idea what to expect. The one thing I DID know was that we were scheduled for a workout first thing when we got there. THAT I was excited about. Under Armour has an awesome training […]

Under Armour Headquarters

Trying to wrap the last two days up in a few posts will never be able to do the amazing experience justice. BUT, I promise I will do many posts to explain in words and pictures what an AWE-INSPIRING trip it was. This will be a little dabble and I promise there will be more […]

Under Armour Athlete

I have big news. And as in big news, I am talking I don’t even have words big news. As in, I’m jumping up and down and smiling ear to ear big news. I am SO incredibly excited and honored to have been chosen by Under Armour Women to visit their headquarters in a few […]


My assumption is that all of you perceptive people have realized that my site has changed. Change can be hard, but is so necessary sometimes, and this change is good! Promise!! I hearby announce that  ElectraFi is here! I have written about my story, the real story behind Electra. The story of learning to love myself one […]

Train To Be Ready For Anything

I’m always transparent & honest: The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Soldier of Steel™. Don’t you worry – all opinions are my own – I have a very firm disclosure policy and I never work with anyone or share anything with you that I don’t believe in 100%. Promise! ** […]

Look Into The Mirror

Would you ever tell your best friend that she’s fat? Would you ever tell your best friend that she’s ugly? Would you even tell an acquaintance either of those things? No. No you wouldn’t. So why, oh why, do you tell yourself all of those awful, terrible things? Look into the mirror. What do you […]

Re-Lighting My Fire

[P.S. (Can I start a post with a P.S.? ) This post may make more sense after reading these: What’s Beautiful? I Learned the Hard Way. What’s Beautiful? Loving Yourself.] Another way awesome and completely unexpected thing for me through participating in the Under Armour What’s Beautiful campaign is that it’s re-lighting a fire within […]

What’s Beautiful? Loving Yourself.

BAM! This post is a must read. It’s long. It’s important. It’s one of the most important posts I have EVER written. I have written many posts embodying these three main concepts: Promoting self love Embracing balance Fighting back against deprivation (I will do a post round up in the near future!) I have learned […]

Thank You

What more can I say? Thank you all so much. Thank you for accepting my past struggles and thank you for seeing the beauty in me that I see in myself. Thank you for sharing your own past and current struggles with me, and your successes or hopes of changing. I am honored that so […]